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Incoming 2009

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  • Mark Askew
    1. Incoming 2009 2. Preserving Memories With Old Greeting Cards 3. Reunion Preparation Reminders 4. Fund Raising Ideas Here is a shout out to family reunion
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2009
      1. Incoming 2009
      2. Preserving Memories With Old Greeting Cards
      3. Reunion Preparation Reminders
      4. Fund Raising Ideas

      Here is a shout out to family reunion planning members from Main to
      California and beyond. A special hello to our planners abroad.

      1. Incoming 2009
      Can you believe that 2008 has come and gone? Well in case you did not
      notice 2008 is history, literally. And that's a good thing.
      The "Hope" generation was born. The "Green" movement made greater
      strides. The world applauded as it watched America practice what it
      preached in the 60's. Brenda and I listened to a number of radio
      show hosts mainly "Oprah and friends" who acknowledged that 2008 was
      a year of milestones for them. I must say it has proven to be such
      for my family and me as well.

      As quickly as the year as gone so will go the winter as the spring
      sun warms the earth and before we know it we are back in the good ol'
      summertime sipping down an icy cold lemonade listening to the tunes
      of John Legends "Take It Slow".

      That said we remind you to take it slow in 2009. Savor every moment.
      Enjoy the family and by all means think of creative ways to remember
      the good old days. We realize after we have been around for a while
      that our greatest form of entertainment, wisdom and treasures are our

      2. Preserving Memories With Old Greeting Cards
      Making, preserving, and perusing memories is what family is all
      about. In addition to running the Family Reunion Planner resource and
      website I also operate a greeting card website. One page is devoted
      to the question "What to do with old greeting cards?" Here are 9
      creative and fun ways to turn your old greeting cards into useful
      tangible art form.

      Scrapbook Art: Use parts of the greeting card face and hand written
      words on the inside cover to add color and meaning to your photo

      Photo Frame/Matting: Cut out a rectangle in center of greeting card
      to fit photos. Tape photo inside frame/matting.

      Frame Art: Buy small cute frames that feature designs and colors
      that match the art and theme of a card you love. Matted frames work
      well too. You preserve the card and it's meaning.

      Framed Collage Art: The words on the face of the old cards are full
      of meaning and nostalgia. If it meant a lot to you when you first
      picked it imagine what the words will mean now.

      Book Marks. Cut the card in 2 inch vertical strips, punch a hole in
      the bottom center. Tie a sash and use it as a bookmark.

      Gift Box: Using a the greeting card face cut out the shape of a plus
      sign at 2.5 inch thickness with a 5 inch long stem. Fold each side up
      from the center to create your box. The long stem should be long
      enough to create the box side and fold over to form the box top lid.

      Coaster: Cut the greeting card face in a circle, triangle or square
      using art scissors. Laminate the cut piece and add glue felt to the

      Baby Room Mobile: Using old baby shower greeting cards cut cards to a
      smaller size and tie to mobile frame. Hang from ceiling. Cut out
      alphabets spelling the child's name or initials. Cut out animal, toy
      and solar system shapes. Hang from mobile frame.

      Family Reunion, Wedding or Anniversary Video DVD Cover Insert: Cut
      front face of card to fit DVD cover. Ad text to Card and insert card
      in DVD cover sleeve.

      3. Reunion Preparation Reminders
      Planning a family reunion is a great reason to come together. Be it to
      quilt, exchange photos, settle on t-shirt designs or come up with
      slogans. When you think about it the time spent in preparation for a
      family reunion is much like the days leading to graduation. It's a
      time to reach back and savor memories, accomplishments and pay our
      respects to those who've come and gone in our lives. When the reunion
      days have passed you realize just how much the reunion was needed for
      all involved.

      Now is the time to check where you are on the "Family Reunion Timeline
      Checklist". Wrap up collecting photos, stories, genealogy research and
      start making definite plans to put together your photo and genealogy
      presentations. Plan to have it all completed by the end of February or
      early March.

      If you're booking a reception hall follow up on this now. Order
      supplies early or when materials are least expensive. By now everyone
      should know how much family reunion dues are and most of the funds
      should be collected by months end. Commence ordering T-shirts now if
      you have not done so. You'll need time to examine a sample, approve
      it and have them start printing. When the shirts arrive you'll need
      to check each one and return a few for replacements. Plan to have your
      t-shirts on hand by April. Touch base with all committee members to
      make sure they are making progress on assigned task.

      4. Funds Raiser Ideas
      The 2009 Entertainment Book
      Bake a Pie or Dish
      Sell Collectable DVD's
      Sell Vinyl Albums
      Sell Dated Framed Family Portraits

      Get your copy of the award winning Family Reunion Planner at

      Happy Reunion Planning Everyone!
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