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Family Reunion Planning Tips

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  • Mark Askew
    Hello Family Reunion Planners We had such a good responce from our last feature article in the May newsletter that we have been asked to publish it again for
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2008
      Hello Family Reunion Planners

      We had such a good responce from our last feature article in the May
      newsletter that we have been asked to publish it again for new
      members and those who would like to make use of the tips on thier
      home computer.

      Need More Funds - "Call A Spade A Spade"
      Take assessment of the expenses you have and will incur. Compare
      projected expenses to your revised budget. Looking at funds on hand,
      do you need more funds. Call it! Let your committee know well in
      advance and make a some firm decisions.

      When Funds Are Low - "What Can You Do?"
      When funds are low and you are close to the event there is still a
      lot you can do.

      Option #1. Cut down on expenses. Find products, materials and
      services that are considerably less expensive while not compromising
      on quality. Contact family members and friends who have connections
      that can help reduce costs. Look for half price and two for one
      discount specials. Negotiate with vendors and services to get fees

      Option #2. Some activities may need to be cancelled. Discuss this
      with your committee or reunion-planning group. Scratch activities
      that will not have a major impact of the theme, tone and joy of the

      Option #3. Hold a fundraiser. Give family members plenty of advance
      notice. Clearly communicate you goals. Get everyone involved.

      Finding Help - "It Is What It Is"
      If you have a family member who simply has not responded to your
      attempts to follow-up on the progress of delegated tasks it's time
      to pass the task on to a "go getter".

      Fees - "Can't Get Water Out Of A Turnip"
      Sometimes unforeseen occurrences befall us and Family members are
      unable to meet the attendee fee. Help them out. Ask other family
      members to assist as early as possible. If those being helped come
      up with the funds later simply reimburse the generous ones.

      T-shirts - "If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It"
      Someone is demanding that you change the color, text or slogan of a
      T-shirt that has already been ordered? You only have four to five
      weeks left for processing and delivery. Don't change your t-shirt
      order. If the design issue is more a matter of personal taste versus
      tastelessness don't try to fix it if your event is only weeks away.
      Often times T-shirts are delivered late because of last minute
      changes. Don't risk it if you don't have to. You'll thank me later.

      Happy Family Reunion Planning all!

      - Mark & Brenda

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