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Event Planners - Fuel Saving Tips

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  • Mark Askew
    As a family reunion planner you get around. You have to. Event planning involves meetings, shopping for bargains and surveying event locations and
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      As a family reunion planner you get around. You have to. Event
      planning involves meetings, shopping for bargains and surveying event
      locations and destinations.

      It's now crunch time and you have people to see and places to be. But
      you don't have to spend a lot of gas wrapping up your event planning
      action items.

      "I'll Have My People Call Your People"
      Get some people. Know your people. Use your people. Delegate certain
      tasks to remote family members who are close by your shopping and
      pickup destinations.

      Have your people make the purchases for you. Meet them at a central
      location for pickup. This can save you as much as $5 per trip. If a
      company offers free delivery, go for it! Another 5 bucks saved. Order
      items online that offer free shipping. Another $5 saved.

      Already ont the highway coming home from work? Leave the job when
      traffic congestion is low and do your shopping then. You'll save
      dollars avoiding long delays stuck in traffic.

      Here are a few more gas mileage saving tips.

      Stay within posted speed limits. The faster you drive, the more fuel
      you use. For example, driving at 65 miles per hour (mph), rather than
      55 mph, increases fuel consumption by 20 percent. Driving at 75 mph,
      rather than 65 mph, increases fuel consumption by another 25 percent.

      Use overdrive gears. Overdrive gears improve the fuel economy of your
      car during highway driving. Your car's engine speed decreases when you
      use overdrive. This reduces both fuel consumption and engine wear.

      Use cruise control. Using cruise control on highway trips can help you
      maintain a constant speed and, in most cases, reduce your fuel

      Anticipate driving situations. If you anticipate traffic conditions
      and don't tailgate, you can avoid unnecessary braking and
      acceleration, and improve your fuel economy by 5 to 10 percent.

      In city driving, nearly 50 percent of the energy needed to power your
      car goes to acceleration. Go easy on the gas pedal and brakes. "Jack-
      rabbit" starts and sudden stops are wasteful.

      Combine errands. Several short trips taken from a cold start can use
      twice as much fuel as one trip covering the same distance when the
      engine is warm.

      Remove excess weight from the trunk. Avoid carrying unneeded items,
      especially heavy ones. An extra 100 pounds in the trunk reduces a
      typical car's fuel economy by one to two percent

      Maintain Your Car

      Keep your engine tuned. Studies have shown that a poorly tuned engine
      can increase fuel consumption by as much as 10 to 20 percent depending
      on a car's condition.

      Keep your tires properly inflated and aligned.

      Change your oil. Clean oil reduces wear caused by friction between
      moving parts and removes harmful substances from the engine.

      Get more fuel saving tips at www.fimark.net/fuel-economy.html

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