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  • Mark Askew
    A reader asks... Is it true that only African Americans have family reunions? I was listening to a talk radio station say. Our Answer: Talk radio show hosts
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2008
      A reader asks..."Is it true that only "African Americans" have
      family reunions? I was listening to a talk radio station say."

      Our Answer:
      Talk radio show hosts can exaggerate a bit. Although it may seem
      like African Americans hold the title on family reunions that's just
      not so. Your concern is justified considering all the media hype and
      controversy African American family reunions have gotten over the

      The Million Man March. The popular blockbuster movie Medea's Family
      Reunion featuring award winning actress Cicely Tyson and
      Philanthropist/ Poet Writer Maya Angelou and the ever popular Blair

      The fact is family reunions are just as popular among people of
      diverse ethnic backgrounds. Still African Americans have made a
      significant contribution to the popularity of traditional family
      reunions in the community over the past 30 years as indicated by the

      Songs About Family Reunion Celebrations.
      The Ojays "Family Reunion"
      Al Greens "Love and Happiness"
      Sly & The Family Stones "It's a family affair"
      "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge reached #2 in 1979
      Lionel Richies recent award winning album "Coming Home"
      75,000 copies sold in its first week out,

      And then there are the scores of line dance remixes by black artists.

      African American Family Reunion Festivals and Tours
      The Annual Ebony Black Family Reunion Tour
      to inspire black families to come together," says Nichole Taylor
      it's president.

      The Annual African American Family Reunion and Cultural Festival

      The Annual Tom Joyner Family Reunion sponsored by none other than
      Uncle Ben's

      The 19th Annual Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion Celebration in
      Cincinnati.com, OH

      "The Annual Essence Music Festival is like a family reunion for me,"
      commented Lionel Richie.

      Philadelphia Mayor W. Wilson Goode proclaims "Black Family Reunion
      Day." among the estimated 200,000 persons who attended.

      Family Reunion Education
      The Family Reunion Institute at Temple University in Philadelphia,
      the only institute of its kind in the country is dedicated to
      serving as a resource to families planning reunions and helps keep
      the reunion tradition alive.

      From the foregoing one might consider family reunions a Black thing.
      But not hardly. It's a universal family tradition that's been alive
      and well for the past 5000 years of chronicled written family

      So if you're thinking of having a family reunion gets a book on the
      subject. There are titles that you're bound to find useful
      regardless of your race/ethnicity.

      Popular Family Reunion Planning Books
      The Family Reunion Planner: Books: Donna Beasley

      The Black Family Reunion Cookbook
      National Council of Negro Women

      Popular Family Reunion Planning Software Written By African
      Fimark's Award Winning Family Reunion Planner, Author Mark Askew

      Radio Show Hosts...Let's get it right!
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