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Reunion Funds Short? Great Solutions

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  • Mark Askew
    Hello Family Reunion Planners! Special Announcement. Your family reunion event is just arround the corner. Do you know where your event funds are? By this
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2008
      Hello Family Reunion Planners!
      Special Announcement. Your family reunion event is just arround the
      corner. Do you know where your event funds are?

      By this time you have likely put deposits on reception rooms, picnic
      areas, tourist packages and entertainment. Ideally you would have
      collected 75 to 90% of registration funds by now. But this is not a
      perfect world is it? If you don't have enough funds to cover the
      deposit expenses don't panic. Your fellow family reunion planners
      have the solution. It's time to start putting together a fundraiser.

      A well-organized fundraiser can bring in as much as $500 to $5000 in
      just a matter of hours. Take a look at the award winning Family
      Reunion Planner under "Fund Raiser" and you'll find exciting ideas
      for your event.

      Rallying Support
      How do you get family members to attend and support the fundraiser?
      Select a date that will allow your best participants to attend. Make
      sure to invite family members at least four weeks in advance.
      Prioritize those who have the means to make a sizeable contribution.
      Knowing what they consider valuable will help stimulate
      participation. Would they like to be the holder of a family
      heirloom? Why not have them bid on the privilege in a silent

      Finding The Right Stuff
      Bidding on items the attendees value is important. No, it's
      everything. Are some family members art collectors? It's important
      to know exactly what the collector is looking for in terms of
      artist, period, condition, date and signature. Other requirements
      may be subject matter, printing plate number, and how the art is
      framed and packaged. Get that information first before you start
      buying art or any other collectables.

      Do you have amateur genealogist, scientists, archeologists or
      astronomists in the family? Get the latest books on the subject.
      Some may prefer outdated out of print books as a conversation piece
      for their club or group. Large children's picture books like Dr.
      Sues, Little Bill and Blues Clues are sure to grab the kid's
      attention and encourage parents to participate. Vintage and latest
      blockbuster movie posters are sure to be a big hit among teens and

      Ethnic and vintage cultural collectables are probably the most
      desired. Jazz CD's of any genre are sure to turn someone's head and
      open their wallet. Family members who belong to book and poetry
      clubs are passionate about certain novelists and poets.

      Practicality Sells Big
      Many attendees are frugal and will only put money on an item that
      will likely help them save money on the family reunion event. That
      said, sell baskets of coupons, your collection of gift cards and the
      ever-popular Entertainment Book which sells at a 50% discount and
      free shipping this time of year.
      Go to http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net for more information.

      Send out flyers, emails, text messages and invitations that list
      some of the items or categories that will be available. Have those
      who will attend the fundraiser also share in organizing and managing
      some aspect of the event to ensure that they will be present to bid.

      Your fundraiser is to raise reunion funds not to spend reunion
      funds. That said, make sure that all who attend bring a dish, drinks
      and supplies to equalize the expense and prevent having to dip into
      the reunion account.

      For more ideas to get your fundraiser off the ground consult the
      award winning Family Reunion Planner Organizer. Download the latest
      copy with new correspondence stationary, flyers, dues collection
      calculator/ledger, T-shirt Roster and more at
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