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T-shirt Ordering Tips

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  • Mark Askew
    Hello Family Reunion Planners! Hope your month of March is getting off to a new start. Here s something interesting. Many cultures and religions celebrate the
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      Hello Family Reunion Planners!

      Hope your month of March is getting off to a new start. Here's
      something interesting. Many cultures and religions celebrate the
      beginning of the New Year in March. Spring 2008 begins with the
      vernal equinox on March 20th. March is a time to focus on indoor and
      outdoor activities such as gardening, arts and crafts, field trips
      and of course family.

      If your reunion event starts in June or July you should have
      completed or be wrapping up the following:

      1. Reservations at event location/destination.
      2. Collecting dues from family members.
      3. Finalize T-shirt design, collect dues and commenced ordering.
      4. Organize fair weather fund raiser.
      5. Delegate deparmental assignments.
      6. Commence 2nd follow up on all parties assisting with the event.
      7. Choose theme, decorations, banners, etc.

      TIME LINE" in the Family Reunion Planner to see where you are in
      the event planning stages.

      T-Shirt Ordering Tips and Tools

      When ordering T-shirts don't underestimate the time
      involved in gathering individual orders, tabulating costs and
      recording the information in such a way that no one is missed and
      all orders are paid for. Thankfully Fimark's Award winning Family
      Reunion software includes a tool to help make the task a whole lot
      easier. The T-shirt Roster.

      The Roster is in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format and allows the
      user to input orders according to individual name, address, age
      group, t-shirt size, number of shirts per person and balance
      paid/owed. The Roster is designed to help you double check your
      entries for accuracy and therefore calculates the entries in several
      different directions.

      Once the order is sent use the T-shirt Roster to prepare label
      strips. Each row contains household/individual name and address
      along with the total number of shirt and sizes. Simply print the
      spreadsheet and cut along the rows dividing each

      When the T-shirt order arrives follow these helpful suggestions:

      1. Tape each label inside large transparent plastic bags with the
      print side showing through the bag.
      2. Divided shirts according to size.
      3. Place shirts on top of labeled bag leaving the label exposed at
      all times
      4. Make sure all shirt sizes are also exposed.
      5. Once all shirts have been sorted and bagged tape bag closed
      leaving the label print side up and exposed for easy viewing.

      You're now ready to distribute T-shirts at the reunion rendezvous or
      mail them out.

      We wish you a happy and successful Family Reunion this season.
      For more information regarding Family Reunion Planning or T-shirt
      ordering go to http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net
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