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  • Mark Askew
    Hello Family Reunion Planners! Did you get the memo? You ve Got Stationary! That s right the award winning Family Reunion Planner now comes with additional
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2008
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      Hello Family Reunion Planners! Did you get the memo?
      You've Got Stationary!

      That's right the award winning Family Reunion Planner now comes with
      additional stationary designs and graphic backgrounds for your
      Flyers and Keepsake Family Reunion Booklet. Just logon to the
      download center and take a look.

      From our readers..."This software is awesome. Why is there no love
      for Mac users. Mac users plan for reunions too."

      Answer: "Right you are Mac user. The love is there and we'll soon
      prove it. You'll be happly to know that we plan to begin production
      on a Mac version starting this spring."

      Family Reunion Keepsake Booklet Maker Help
      It's time to get familiar with your Family Reunion Keepsake Booklet
      Maker. Remember to delegate someone with research skills to start
      putting together the family tree and family history.

      Adding pages to The Reunion Keepsake Booklet

      To create additional pages for your Family History section you can
      copy, insert and paste the "blank" page provided in your Booklet
      Maker. (Instructions using Microsoft Word or compatible program)

      Here are the steps involved:

      1. Go to the second to the last page of the series of pages. Note
      the page reads, "This is your blank page insert template."

      2. Click on both the background image and the foreground text box
      holding down the shift key.

      3. Select "Copy".

      4. Move to the page under the family history page and click above
      the background image. A blinking curser marker should appear.

      5. Go to the menu and select Insert. Scroll down to Break (page
      break) and click. A new page will appear.

      6. Place your curser at the top of the new page and click. Your
      blinking curser marker will appear.

      7. Now paste the copied contents onto the page.

      To create more pages simply follow steps 5 thru 7.

      Remember to save your work once you have completed this task.

      Need more help? Just write us and we'll respond ASAP.

      We would like to know the success and challenges you are having
      using the Family Reunion Planner. Don't hesitate to respond to this
      newsletter with your feedback.

      Happy Planning!

      Mark Askew
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