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Following Up On New Years Resolutions

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  • Mark Askew
    1. Incoming 2008 2. Making Plans=Making Memories 3. Reunion Preparation Reminders 4. Raising Funds Here is a shout out to family reunion planners in Canada,
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      1. Incoming 2008
      2. Making Plans=Making Memories
      3. Reunion Preparation Reminders
      4. Raising Funds

      Here is a shout out to family reunion planners in Canada, Germany,
      Paris, France, New Mexico and the Bamamas.

      1. Incoming 2008
      Can you believe that 2007 has come and gone? And here we are quickly
      moving thru January 2008. Before you know it we'll be sipping a frosty
      glass of lemonade to the beat of "Family Reunion" on a warm Sunny day
      while the young'ns laugh and play. Yes the cup of 2008 will be half
      full and the rest about to be sipped down.

      That said don't gulp down your refreshing cup of life to quickly.
      Savor every moment. Enjoy the family and remember the good times. All
      we really have are our memories, the present time, and those we can
      only hope to make tomorrow. What are your New Years resolutions? How
      close are you to meeting your goal? Here's a popular one or two. Spend
      more time with family even if it means writing letters, making phone
      calls or video conferencing. Make it happen.

      2. Making Plans=Making Memories
      I had my two sons over this past Sunday. They're both men now and one
      is married to a sweet girl. I cooked. We played cards, talked about
      friends and family. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up. They
      played their favorite CD's and I my favorite DVD. It was good to see
      the wife sit, relax and enjoy them all for a change. Before you knew
      it, it was time for them to go until the next family night. We made
      plans to check out my oldest sons collection of The Bill Cosby Show
      and play the newly learned card game next month. That said, always
      make definite plans for your next family day while everyone is there
      at hand.

      3. Reunion Preparation Reminders
      Planning a family reunion is a great reason to come together. Be it to
      quilt, exchange photos, settle on t-shirt designs or come up with
      slogans. When you think about it the time spent in preparation for a
      family reunion is much like the days leading to graduation. It's a
      time to reach back and savor memories, accomplishments and pay our
      respects to those who've come and gone in our lives. When the reunion
      days have passed you realize just how much the reunion was needed for
      all involved.

      Now is the time to check where you are on the "Family Reunion Timeline
      Checklist". Wrap up collecting photos, stories, genealogy research and
      start making definite plans to put together your photo and genealogy
      presentations. Plan to have it all completed by the end of February or
      early March.

      If you're booking a reception hall follow up on this now. Order
      supplies early or when materials are least expensive. By now everyone
      should know how much family reunion dues are and most of the funds
      should be collected by months end. Commence ordering T-shirts now if
      you have not done so. You'll need time to examine a sample, approve
      it and have them start printing. When the shirts arrive you'll need
      to check each one and return a few for replacements. Plan to have your
      t-shirts on hand by April. Touch base with all committee members to
      make sure they are making progress on assigned task.

      4. Raising Funds
      By now you should have a good idea of how much funding is needed to
      pull of the reunion event. First look for ways to cut down on
      expenses without compromising quality. Is there a need to have more
      funds on hand? Consider having an auction to raise money. Start
      planning now. A great time for an indoor Auction is during the cold
      season. Outdoor auctions are good for the warmer dryer season. What
      will you sell? If you have crafty family members ask them to donate
      items. Check out some flea markets for collector's items you know
      certain family members will have to have. Put up some items you own
      that some of your family members have shown an interest in. Create
      gift baskets. Order bulk greeting cards and sell them in packs. Have
      someone bake a few pies. Others can sell family coupons for home
      cooked Sunday meals. Make it clear how much your looking to get with
      the sale of each item. Your aim is to meet or beat that goal.

      TIP 1: Have a family member erect a goal score board and write out the
      goal and how close you are getting to the goal each time an item is
      sold. This will focus attendees interest on meeting the goal and
      encourage participation.

      TIP 2:Have you inspected and appraised the family heirlooms? Perhaps a
      few family members are willing to pay a few bucks for the honor of
      temporary ownership. Most of all enjoy the moment of planning. Before
      you know it, it will all have passed and you will have made many sweet
      memories to savor.

      Get your copy of the award winning Family Reuion Planner at

      Happy Reunion Planning Everyone!
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