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2008 Survival Kit

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  • Mark Askew
    Hello family reunion planners. Out with the old and in with the new. 2007 is just about through. Do you know where your year went? In order to make it to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2007
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      Hello family reunion planners. Out with the old and in with the new.  2007 is just about through.  Do you know where your year went? In order to make it to  2008 in one peice first we have to survive 2007 right? Don't worry; we've got your back! Introducing the 2007 to 2008 Survival Kit.  Just continue reading this December edition of the Family Reunion Planner newsletter and you'll find helpful tips to get you through those tough year-end tasks that had to be completed, yesterday and provide a great start for the new year.

      First Stop - Prioritize
      What's the most important task needing to be done this month? Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to accomplish it and look out for unforeseen occurrences that can road block your completing the task.  That said, consider what your roadblocks most likely will be. What was there the last time you took that path? How can you steer clear of it today? Avoid repeating the  same mistakes twice. Refuse to experence self-made disappointments and dragging along a burden of rationalizations and guilt. They'll only load you down and keep you from taking the alternative route that leads to your goals. 

      The Thing About Dissapointments...
      When we're dissapointed or waiting for the other shoe to drop as it were, and it never does we tend to sabatoge ourselves by feeding our pain. How? Overeating, smoking, staying up late at night, drinking a bit too much, getting wild,  crazy and "free" only to puke and regret it later.  When we dissapoint ourselves we automatically think we've dissapointed others. Soon we find ourselves  spitting out a thousand promises to make it up to them only to almost kill ourselves in an attemp to fill a want instead of a need.   A need to take care of self first. Checks bounce,  bills and interest rates pile up and what do we do - we start the cycle of dissapointment all over again.

      Solution: Prioritize Self-first
      We often think we're doing the right thing when we put others before us.  But in the end when you look at your bank statement, quality of life or that lost look in a family members eyes are we really improving our situation or just passifying ourselves and others? Purring first things first starts with YOU.   Make up your mind today to priortize your time, money and health above all else.  Gaurd these well and you'll discover that everything else in life fall into place.  You'll realise a self sustaning inner joy and happiness that does not rely on substances and superficials to appease dissapointement and make you feel like you always need something more.  

      Go With What You Know
      Often times we are pressured to approach a task or project we know well, much differently than we are accustomed. Perhaps we're trying to save time or resources. When time is of the essence, you have a tight deadline and you are multitasking, always remember this age old adage, "Go with what you know."  It's best not to deviate from a path best traveled to see where another road might take you when you're already running out of time.  If you don't have time to deal with the unforseen dead ends of a brand new idea put it aside for now and get back to doing what works for you.  You can get back to the "new ideas" when you have some free time to experiment, tweak and work out the kinks.

      Always Feed The Help
      When trying to complete a major task for the first time don't be afraid or too proud to ask for help. Everyone needs some direction and/or help now and then. Consider who, what and where that might be.  Can you Google it? Make a phone call or treat someone to lunch in exchange for information? What else can you do to insure that assistance will be given when needed?

      Follow Up and Follow Thru
      Also seriously consider delegating minor tasks to those who know how to get the job done and appear to have the time to do it. Let them know your deadline and when you will follow up with them. Above all avoid any and all unnecessary confrontations that will only distract you from meeting your objective.

      So 2007 is just about finito, over, zilch, nada. Did you meet your goals? Not to worry here comes another new year to work with. Many are already thinking about New Year resolutions. To help you meet your goals review the "To Do" Greats for 2008 list below.

      "To Do" Greats for 2008

      1. Become more financially stable
      2. Take better care of yourself and your family
      3. Look out for numero uno
      4. Throw A family reunion
      5. Boost employee morale
      6. Improve the quality of life for yourself and your loved ones
      7. Get control of your spending habits
      8. Eliminate credit card debt
      9. Spend more time with your wife and kids
      10. Give back to the community
      11. Be more nurturing
      12. Find a Mentor
      13. Be a Mentor

      Reunion Planner Reminder: Look thru your Family Reunion
      Planners "family reunion planning timeline" to see where you should
      be in the planning stages of your next family reunion and where you
      want to be by the end of January 2008. Don't have the Family Reunion
      Planner? Need family reunion supplies, materials, flyers or ideas?
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      Have a safe week!

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