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This Is "Family Reunion Planning Week!"

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  • Mark Askew
    So you have the weekend off? Great! Getting packed to visit family? Wonderful. Still need to wrap up your family reunion planning? Well, there could not be a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2007
      So you have the weekend off? Great! Getting packed to visit family?
      Wonderful. Still need to wrap up your family reunion planning?
      Well, there could not be a better time to do it.

      Good planning and organizing well in advance is essential to
      throwing a successful family reunion event. By planning early in
      the process you will likely get the help and support needed. That
      said you want to take full advantage of Family Reunoin Planning
      Week. The folks of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Team would like
      to be the first to desginate Nov 21-25 "Family Reunion Planning
      Week" for several reasons. Here are a few:

      1. Announce Family Reunion Plans
      2. Rally Family Members To Volunteer In Various Departments
      3. Start forming your family Reunion
      4. committeeHold a family Reunion committee meeting
      5. Remind attendees of outstanding dues - Take T-shirt orders
      6. Make Preparations for the "Family Reunion Booklet"
      7. Ask family members to bring photos of ancestors and those who
      have recently passed away.
      8. Collect recipes for the Family Reunion Booklet
      9. Get information regarding family member businesses, honors,
      education goals and other attainments.
      10. Collect historic facts, humorous stories, legendary tales, ect.
      11. Interview eldest ancestors.

      While some planners start as much as two years in advance, 10 to 12
      months is usually all that's needed to plan a simple but enriching
      Family reunion. Print and send out surveys to collect feedback
      regarding dates and location of the event.

      Communicate with individuals who are free to conference with you and
      other volunteers who wish to dedicate time and discuss elements of
      the planning process. These would serve well as family reunion
      committee members.

      Forming the Committee
      Invite available family members to conference. Tie others in by
      phone if some are considerable distance apart. Send them an agenda
      via email and give them some time to review it. Once all members are
      present its time to organize the event. First choose members of the
      committee. Each member should be assigned to oversee a specific
      task. Choose members who exhibit some degree of experience in a
      given area.

      Vote and decide on dates, location and activities using the family
      reunion survey found in Fimark's Family Reunion Planner. Make use of
      the "Events Sheet", "Reunion Evaluation Sheet", "Activity Ideas
      Check List", "Site Location Sheet", "Scheduling
      Worksheet", "Committees Assignment Sheet" and "Reunion Needs List"
      along with other committee forms in Fimark's Family Reunion Planner

      Get The Word Out
      Get the word out regarding dates times and location. Register your
      family reunion announcement online. Visit family reunion
      destination. Plan family reunion activities. Order family reunion t-
      shirts. You can do all of this and more from the family reunion
      planning interface http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net

      Making Your Reunion Event Meaningful
      Just coming together is a joy in itself. But there are wonderful
      things you can do to add to the occasion. Your Genealogy Research
      and Presentation Committee should be a constant highlight in your
      family reunion program. This group is responsible for defining the
      mission, setting the goals, discovering the legends, identifying the
      branches and tracing the roots. This group organizes the history
      board. A timeline of stories and legends that chronicle the history,
      people, spirit and define the character of your descendants. Be
      creative and seek to inspire.

      Want to go out on the town? Make use the "Living Legends Ball
      Planner", "Genealogy Tour Planner" and "Family Reunion Summer Fest"
      to add luster, elegance, class and culture to your reunion event.
      These special events can be found in the "Spectacular Family Reunion
      Event Planners" found in fimark's Family Reuion Planner Suite.

      So if you were wondering what to do this weekend, why not fill your
      plate with some fabulous fun filled family reunion ideas and serve
      up some fine Family Reunion Fest everyone will enjoy.
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