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Family Reunion Story And Photo Contest

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  • Mark Askew
    Exciting News! We will be featuring your family reunion stories and photos on the award winning family reunion planner website in the coming weeks and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2007
      Exciting News! We will be featuring your family reunion stories and
      photos on the award winning family reunion planner website in the
      coming weeks and throughout 2008.

      Your Invited!
      As a Family Reunion Planning newsletter member you are invited to post
      photos and stories of your most recent family reunion event. Many
      photos and supporting stories will be used throughout the year so
      check the site regularly to see if your reunion event has been

      On August 31st we will cast a vote for the winning photo that meets
      the following criteria:

      Photo is accompanied by an inspiring family reunion story the majority
      of our readers will enjoy. The story and photo(s) show how the reunion
      event helped to unify and empower the family as a whole. A spirit of
      love, warmth and mutual support is seen in the photos and/or expressed
      in the reunion event story. Creative activities helped to get the
      children involved in the fun. Genealogy presentation and history was a
      special feature of the family reunion event.

      How to forward you photos and story:

      Yahoo Groups http://groups.yahoo.com/group/family-reunion-planning

      Email attached photos and stories to lhh@....
      Put "Family Reunion Photo Contest" in the subject line.

      Mail copies of photos and story to: Mark Askew 926 Cator Ave.
      Baltimore, MD 21218

      Note: Photos and stories will not be returned. Once remitted you agree
      that the photos and stories may be used and edited for website and
      related family reunion resource publication. Your photos and stories
      will be published at http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net for all
      family reunion resource users the world over to enjoy.

      Media that includes residential state, city along with street names
      should be carefully edited. Although surnames and reunion location can
      be included, full names of children 18 years or younger should not be
      disclosed when accompanied by photos. Thank you for your cooperation.

      Winning Prize!
      Prize Winners will recieve a free Digital Camera and The Deluxe
      Executive Family Reunion Planner Leather Likeness Zip Around Folio.
      3-Ring Binder 8-1/2 x 11 page size
      Comes with...
      Award Winning Family Reunion
      Planner on CDROM
      Zip pouch ideal for dues collection
      Monthly Calendar Reunion Planner
      Printed Reunion Planning Worksheets
      Attendee Directory
      24-sheet lined note pad
      Business/credit card holder
      Digital Camera holder

      View it here...

      It's the perfect family reunion planning system. We look forward to
      hearing about your family reunion event. Feel free to post links and
      photos today and tell your friends and family members to enter!

      Mark Askew
      Fimark Event Planner
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