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A Saturday To Remember

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    1. A Saturday To Remember 2. Fun Weekend Projects 3. A Book of Our Lives Brenda and her friend Jackie set out to spend some much needed downtime together in a
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      1. A Saturday To Remember
      2. Fun Weekend Projects
      3. A Book of Our Lives

      Brenda and her friend Jackie set out to spend some much needed downtime together in a very constructive and creative way two weeks ago. Their Saturday afternoon rendezvou is more than just a casual spin to a shopping district. An unspoken mission to encapsulate almost 40 years of friendship in preparation for a new challenge that lie ahead.

      They visited a small ceramics and pottery shop. The little shop situated on a strip of stores and shops was easy to spot with it's 3D ivory and fuchsia sign board Glazed to Perfection.

      Brenda chose to paint and glaze a ceramic cup and saucer. The set had an elegant leaf motif impression on the base of the cup and the same encircling the saucer. Brenda decided to paint the set a soft early evening blue with green highlights on the leaf motif wrapped around the base of the cup.

      It was the ideal activity on this sunny Saturday for two long time friends who've been together since their teen years. The perfect past-time to kick back and catch up the comings and goings of old friends and family while creating a tangible memento of a chapter that will come to a close while a new one quickly opens.

      Brenda and Jackies friendship spans a lifetime. It was not based on mutual ambitions, achievements, class distinctions or economic advantage. It was not an acquaintance based on mutual admiration for someone they both idolized. It survived many tests and life altering setbacks because it was truer than most, and as it goes with friendships that mature over time, they both grew up and gained priceless experience that they put to use to assure and boster each other. I must admit that in their own way their friendship has added stability, color and a certain crisp sunny cheer to their lives.

      Their carefully schedules engagements became a time to exhale, put it all off, laugh a little, sigh a little and maybe event cry a little. Qualify and quantify the decisions they made and then after making sense of it all get a firmer hold on what is their own.

      This day holds special significance for these two aged girls. Soon Jackie will pack her bags and pile the tangibles that represent a half century of life inside a moving van and travel a whole state away to settle down once and for all with her parents. Another test of the resilience of their friendship? Not really. Despite the many miles that will lie between them this I know... They will not only keep in touch but deepen their bond as never before. There will be more sunny Saturday afternoons creatively affirming the value their kindred spirit. They share a cup and read together another page and then another until they turn to a new chapter written in the book of their lives. For what Brenda and Jackie have is something so many long for but do not have the courage to pursue. Something proven. something real and enduring. True friendship that time and distance put apart.

      Fun Weekend Projects
      If your family reunion is still weeks away now is the time to spice it up, add meaning to it. Get together with a close family member and friend. Pour a cup of tea and start on your next weekend family reunion project using this quicklist.

      Keepsake Memory Book
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      Print and Frame Family Reunion Poems
      Download print and frame inspiring and beautifully crafted family reunion poems for keepsake gifts. To get inspired go to http://goo.gl/dlqAi

      A Book of Our Lives
      It has been described as a book of our lives. The Family Reunion Planner is just that. Not only does it contain genealogy worksheets but it also is designed as a keepsake memento and heirloom.
      In addition to the personalized event planning tutorial it contains a signature of ownership page, poetic excerpts by Mark Askew, and recipe compiler and a reunion planners journal. Set your course and take a remarkable journey writing the book of your life with the Family Reunion Planner Guide Book and Keepsake http://goo.gl/MRoIz.

      Happy Family Reunion Planning!
      Mark and Brenda
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