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DIY Weekend Projects

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    DIY Family Reunion Fly Repellant I love DIY everything. I tend to take pride in using my imagination, logic and a household item to come up with a solution to
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      DIY Family Reunion Fly Repellant
      I love DIY everything. I tend to take pride in using my imagination, logic and a household item to come up with a solution to fix or resolve a problem that could have cost considerable time and money relying on a commercialized solution. You should see what I can do with a wire clothes hanger or aluminum foil.

      Things You Can Make or Fix with Clothes Hanger Wire
      Miniature Camera stand.
      Secure a dragging car muffler.
      Mend an arm on a metal chair pulling the wire thru the rivet holes.
      Created a lamp shade and lamp shade holder.
      Make small hand crafted props like trees, shrubs and plants stand erect.
      Make a sock holder (to air dry socks)
      Make a Butterfly net
      Make a Belt keychain holder
      Make a bed spring replacement
      Make Fly swatter with hanger, foil and tape.

      Aluminum Foil
      Perform car body work by tightly scrunch a mound of foil and molding it shape.
      Sealed a muffler hole with it.
      Raised the legs of a keyboard stand an inch or two with hard molded foil.
      Make short and long wave radio antennas.
      Make bottle tops.
      Make a kite.
      Make a glider plane.
      Make an unsinkable boat.
      Plug a dry bucket with it.
      Make play money - coins
      Make a pseudo battery placeholder.

      DIY Fly Repellant
      One of the most aggravating experiences a reunion planner can have is preparing a beautiful luncheon in the park only to be bombarded by pesky flies. There has been a lot of talk on the Internet about the most effective indoor/outdoor bug repellant for flies. Is there an effective DIY method to resolve this one? One of the more popular DIY methods goes like this: Hang a clear bag of water with a penny at the bottom. The bag is said to repels flies instantly.

      There are numerous reports that this actually works but the reasons for it's effectiveness vary greatly. Some say it works because it looks like a spider ( the penny) in a web (bag of water). Others say the flies see a magnified reflection of themselves and think it's a much larger predatory insect.

      A more scientific explanation is that the penny keeps the water from growing algae thereby keeping the water clear and thus maintaining a highly reflective surface.

      Flies have multiple eyes. That said, some believe that hanging the light reflective bags in direct sunlight creates a prism effect that repel flies due to the kaleidoscope effect taking place in the eyes of the fly.

      Whatever the case there is a science to making it work and part of it is using a large ziplock bag, drop a penny in the bag and fill it halfway with clear water. Hanging it in an open space (not against a wall or stapled to a doorpost), Hang it in such a way that each side reflects and refracts sunlight.

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