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Fun with Family History

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    Inside: 1. Life is Full of Surprises 2. Personal and Family Growth 3. Having Fun With Family History 4. Presenting Your History At Family Reunions 5. Helpful
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      1. Life is Full of Surprises
      2. Personal and Family Growth
      3. Having Fun With Family History
      4. Presenting Your History At Family Reunions
      5. Helpful Tools

      1. Life is Full of Surprises
      One sunny day you're enjoying the golden daffodils and the brilliant display of colorful tulips while listening to the breeze ruffle the leaves of swaying trees. As chirping birds dash and swoop from limb to limb suddenly the clouds roll in and rain begins to fall.

      First a sprinkle and a shower, then it pours. A nice surprise for the trees and grass but the rest of us gather our things together and head for shelter. Why do we run from the very thing necessary to keep us alive?

      Whenever there is a severe drought nobody runs from the rain. On the contrary, they call everyone they know, they stand looking up at the sky as the rain falls on their relieved and happy faces. they soak it all up, wading in it, walking in it and laughing in it. Today? Today we run from it!

      While watching it rain from the inside looking out I often think of how lush and brilliant the foliage will grow thanks to this good watering and then I think about the personal growth I strive for, a goal that has shaped my families life for three generations now.

      2. Personal and Family Growth

      When I think of the growth made it can only be defined by the results. I'm proud of my hard working wife Brenda who woke up today singing a song as she scurried out the door on her way to serve a community of college bound youth. I'm proud of my mother and father who also have devoted themselves to providing wisdom, hope and practical assistance to the residents of our city.

      I am equally proud of my son Jonathan and his wife who both do volunteer work at a local congregation helping the younger generation manage a life of turbulence. These are some of the notable things I put down in our family history logs preserved for the next generation to come. But that's not all that made the history books. There were sunny days and cloudy days, droughts and surprise showers, stooping lower to dig deeper and reach higher with many lessons learned along the way. Best of all a lot of laughter and spontaneous fun. These times deserve to be recorded as well.

      3. Having Fun With Family History

      And speaking of family history logs It's always best to keep a log, journal or blog of your family life including genealogy, community contributions, life growing up. But family history does not always have to be cut-and-dry.

      Add some life to it by including some funny photos of baby in a bath full of soap suds or the toddler frantically chasing bubbles in the park. Include silly pranks like dumping water on dads head while sleeping on the porch or baby's first attempt to feed himself while making a complete mess of what was a perfectly prepared spaghetti dinner.

      Add some light anecdotal stories from family interviews and include some excerpts from humorous text messages to and from family members. Step back in time to yesteryear and take a stroll on the funny side of life. Collect bridesmaids dresses and tux worn over the years. Remember the dances or the days the kids decided to take over the kitchen and make dinner? Record the secret shower serenades. There's nothing like viewing photo stories and video of failed attempts at inventions, recipes and art compared to the look of glee when after many attempts they finally succeed.

      4. Presenting Your History At Family Reunions

      While family reunions often feature traditional activities such as recipe swaps, a family music list, familiar stories and outside games, many times families intend on digging deep into history and sharing it in an organized meaningful and exciting way. But good intentions are often met with distractions and a project long left undone. What's needed is a goal, some organizing and inspiration.

      5. Helpful Tools To Record and Present Family History

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      Happy Family Reunion Planning!
      Mark and Brenda
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