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Making Family Night A Big Hit

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    Inside: 1. Family Night - A Big Hit 2. Making It All Work 3. Surprise Surprise 4. Food Glorious Food Family Night - A Big Hit This is an exciting time of
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      1. Family Night - A Big Hit
      2. Making It All Work
      3. Surprise Surprise
      4. Food Glorious Food

      Family Night - A Big Hit
      This is an exciting time of year for me and Brenda. We are planning our annual Family Night with family and friends of the family. We started this traditional gathering in order to celebrate family values, present good parenting ideas and connect closer with our youth while giving them an opportunity to reveal their hidden talents, interests and their more mature side.

      Since the very first annual Family Night it's been anxiously anticipated among families in several groups in our community.

      It's amazing what gathering purely for the sake of connecting can do to the spirit of a child. Often teens distance themselves due to misunderstanding what a busy schedule of hard-working parents can do to them. This often leads to unspoken heartache and disappointment, making the parents job even more difficult. But when family members come together to prepare for Family Night doing what they all love doing most wounds quickly heal.

      Making It All Work
      Four key factors to making this work for each family member are:

      1. Getting the youth involved in the planning, writing and organizing process.

      2. Making sure there are plenty of eats the young folk and parents like and allowing them to clown around while taking snack breaks each hour or so.

      3. Setting up the show in dinner theater fashion. Even having the participants serve meals and soft-drinks to the older ones so they can connect with them in a special way.

      One of the biggest hits of a our semi-formal family night affair is the Talent Show. Every second is savored and parents are proud of whatever their children do. Another hit is a well prepared drama complete with dignified comedy, cuteness and bitter-sweet situations.

      Surprise Surprise
      This years event will feature a movie taken of lasts years Family Night drama with added footage and a slideshow segment of all our kids growing up from infancy. To add some snap and surprise there's sneak peak "guess who" footage of the parents when they were the same age as their children.

      Folks are thinking about getting warm and staying warm throughout the coming winter months. Coats, jackets hat's, caps, scarves and gloves are on the top of the list. Brenda's even started knitting again. I decided to feature an adventurous knitting class scene in the drama.
      How could I knitting class scene possibly be exciting and adventurous.? We pulled it off. Read about the history of knitting and weaving and you'll see for yourself. According to the reviews it went off quite well and now folks are seriously considering having a knitting class once or twice a month.

      Food Glorious Food
      What inspires good spirited merriment better than a good hot meal. Depending on the season and economy we either have a potluck meal presentation where all the invited guests bring a dish or we will have it catered. Frankly they seem to prefer the variety in potluck banquet style dinners. Fimark's new Family Reunion Planner Social application soon to be released will feature a Family Recipe Collector via a Pinterest app. You can share recipes, get recipe ideas and comment on them. Take a sneak peak at some of the recipes that will be featured at http://pinterest.com/fimarkhome/family-recipes/

      Planning and Decorating
      We get our planning and decorating ideas, music and supplies and gift ideas browsing online stores around this time to take advantage of Black Friday specials.

      The Family Reunion Book is now 40% off. Was $29, now only $16.99

      Family Reunion Supplies - Get up to 55% off during Black Friday Week

      Family Night Theme Music just 0.99

      Happy Family Reunion and Family Night Planning!
      Mark and Brenda
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