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Getting Help

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    Inside: 1. Lot s of Hats 2. Getting Help 3. Book Features 4. Seasonal Specials Lots of Hats. Well I guess it s official. I am now recognized as a writer,
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      1. Lot's of Hats
      2. Getting Help
      3. Book Features
      4. Seasonal Specials

      Lots of Hats.
      Well I guess it's official. I am now recognized as a writer, author, artists and yes, musician. Lots of hats! Titles are one thing, but I actually love what I do. Still if someone were to ask me to explain how I do it, well, it's much easier to just show them the finished product.

      I'm the kind of person who likes to do it all myself. Admittedly that means taking full responsibility for all tasks and assignments. If you don't mind being the fall guy or love the sheer delight of complete exhaustion I highly recommend it. Still even I have to ask for help now and then.

      When you're getting close to deadlines getting needed support can seem almost impossible. That said, when winding down the final action items on your reunion task list consider getting support from other family members as soon as possible.

      Getting Help
      It's important to get help when planning a large family reunion. If attendees are 15 or more don't attempt to plan and manage it all yourself. Your first step is to put the word out and get volunteers and ideas from the family. Sometimes to get help you do have to barter. People need to know what's in it for them. So put together a list of the benefits of the event and throw in an appreciation gift of some sort if you need to.

      Next form a reunion planning group or committee. Then get rock solid guidance from an experience family reunion planner, join a family reunion workshop or get your hands on a reunion planning workshop text book. How do you go about select a good event planning book. Consider the authors profile.

      Book Features
      Here are a few author profile and content features for the book "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner"

      1. Written by an experienced reunion planner
      2. Written by an experienced family member
      3. Written by family counselors
      4. Written by a husband and wife team
      5. Contains priority information regarding planning, organizing and managing your reunion
      6. Connects to resources with even more information
      7. Include 5 complete reunion planners
      8. Includes the in demand checklist timeline planning format
      9. Includes guides tips and words of wisdom
      10. Include scores of department worksheets
      11. Includes signature poems such as "Finding Our Way Back Home"
      12. Includes complete luncheon/Dinner programs and recommended daily itineraries.

      Seasonal Specials
      "Fimark's Family Reunion Planner" is now on sale for 17.99. Regularly priced 29.00 at Createspace.com and Amazon.com. Buy two books and qualify for free shipping. http://goo.gl/fvLl2

      Get the full reunion event planning package including book, cd with great templates and printables and spreadsheet application for $69 and save $30 on the regular price. Plus free shipping. For more information go to http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net
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