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So Proud of YOU

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    In This Issue: 1. Family Reunion Planning Reminders 2. So Proud of YOU 3. A Civil Reminder Family Reunion Planning Reminders As indicated in Fimark s Family
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      In This Issue:
      1. Family Reunion Planning Reminders
      2. So Proud of YOU
      3. A Civil Reminder

      Family Reunion Planning Reminders

      As indicated in Fimark's Family Reunion Planner 3.0 application, now is the time to compiling or update your family contact list including any and all e-mail addresses, cell phone, social media pages, web pages, blogs, messenger ID's and postal mail addresses.
      Family Reunion Planner 3.0 has three family contact databases to choose from. A spreadsheet database that also works as a survey report chart and t-shirt roster. An online database that allows all family members with an Internet connection the ability to share and update contact information in real time and a family reunion website database with an invitation email blaster and RSVP reporting application. Don't have the Planner 3.0? Get it at http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net

      So Proud of YOU
      So proud of you dear family reunion planners. Why? A family reunion planner is one of the most civilized, thoughtful human beings on the face of the earth and here's proof.

      You did not venture out into the mad rat race on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and fight with those materialistic greed-mongers who have competely missed the joy and wonder of the season.

      You were not one of those who panted, pushed and poo-pooed passers by who snatched up everything and anything that remotely resembled a product for purchase.

      You were not among those who slapped, slipped and sulked over a sale missed.

      You were not among those who broke out in a fury of fuss and fists at a failed feat to enter a checkout line after the cashier set down the "Line Closed" sign.

      You were not among those who briskly bolted into barge of shopping carts striking every poor dazed baby boomer in your path.

      You were not among those who darted, dashed and shouted damnations or "What you gonna do about it?" when someone dared call you out.

      No not you. You were self-controlled. You were even-keeled, balanced and above all only concerned about the safety of your fellow man. To you I say... Well done! And remember this... For what good you have given you will recieve ten fold and more.

      Besides, while Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, Cyber Week is still on at http://astore.amazon.com/fimarkhome-party-20

      A Civil Reminder
      Don't you just love civil conversation. Isn't it good to know that chivalry is not dead? Remember when someone kindly held the door for you? Or when someone asked you how you were doing, and waited for a reply. And while we are the sort to remember to say 'thank you' and 'please', we also want to remember to be a civil contributor. We are reminded that following the crowd always leads to someone being trampled along the way. That said, let's all remember to make a difference when on the street, at home and in the work place this season and every season.

      And to those who prefer a more civilized way to shop... http://prepaid-gift-cards.fimark.net

      Mark & Brenda

      Happy Shopping Family Reunion Planners!

      Mark & Brenda
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