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    Inside: Happy Anniversary! Family Reunion Planning Month New Family Reunion Store New Family Reunion Website Just For You Happy Anniversary! Hello family
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      Happy Anniversary!
      Family Reunion Planning Month
      New Family Reunion Store
      New Family Reunion Website Just For You

      Happy Anniversary!
      Hello family reunion planners. First i would like to let you know about a special event Brenda and I just recently enjoyed. Our 30th wedding anniversary! We enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane in a very unique way for us. Having suffered the loss of a much cherished cedar chest full of memories I decided to recreate a tangible link to to the past from our wedding to the birth of our sons and granddaughter and everything in between. I found a small wooden keepsake chest that Brenda said she loved. Secretly I spent the next few days hunting down items similar to what we lost.

      I did not want to attempt to replace items. I wanted a symbol of our most loved memories so I decided to look for each item in ornamental miniature form. I attached a "thank you" card to each item and expressed what the item stood for and the reason for my love and gratitude for her.

      i filled the chest with the ornaments, miniature bottles of wine and rum, autumn leaves and jars of childhood candies. When I presented the chest to her she was in anticipation of something special. When she opened up the chest and read each card while handling the ornaments we both broke down a bit. I'm still deeply moved by that moment even as I write this. Now more than ever our 30 years of love means so much more to us. And now she has an unexpected tangible link to the past once again.

      Thanks for letting us share this with you.

      Family Reunion Planning Month
      It's November 2010 and that means it's Family Reunion Planning Month! What will you be doing to make this a special planning month for your family? For now Brenda and I are enjoying the Autumn season and looking over and sorting out previous family events we've held in the park. We're also making plans for the next event in 2011. We would like to personally wish you all a memorable planning month. And now the new stuff!

      New Family Reunion Planning Store
      I would like to invite you to check out the new features at your family reunion planning download and planning center, Fimark's Family Reunion Planner 3.0. We've just added a new Family Reunion Planning Gifts and Supplies Store complete with the following categories:

      Take a peak here http://astore.amazon.com/family-reunion-20 or go to your personal online Planner to access it.

      New Family Reunion Website Just For You
      I am also so pleased to present this free personal family reunion website offer to you. It comes highly recomended by the leading news and magazine syndicates. Even reunionsMag highly endorses it and I do too. It's too irresistable to keep under wraps. Just look at these amazing features:

      Collect Attendee Reunion Payments Easily
      Reduce the stress of collecting ticket payments by having family members purchase tickets with a credit card on a secure page right on your website!

      Accept Donations
      Raise funds using the Donations page on your website. Let people choose their own donation amount or set specific increment levels (ex: $25, $50, $75, $100). Each donation page features a thermometer that displays the goal amount.

      RSVP Management
      Family members can RSVP to the reunion on your website, saving time and postage money. You can add questions to the RSVP page to prompt responses from your family members to help with the planning. Event better you can automatically display who has RSVP'd and/or bought tickets to your event. Includes meal selection options with this tool.

      Broadcast Email
      Update family members on event details or important information at any time.

      Message boards allow family members to communicate before and after the reunion.

      Photo Albums
      Photo Albums make it easy and enjoyable to browse through photos. Albums organized by event, family members, or by date are used with much success.

      Site on CD
      Keepsake of your reunion website mailed to you on CD.

      Promote On Facebook
      Promote your event on Facebook

      Promote your family reunion website by connecting your Twitter account to your website.

      Poll & Survey
      Find out the preferred activity options of your family members
      Password Protect Site

      Send & Track Invitations
      Easily send and track invitations to your family members using the broadcast email tool. You can send reminders before your event and Thanks You's after your event.

      You can add and delete people from the invitation list easily so your list is always up-to-date. Also, you can track invitations that you send by snail mail (regular post)

      Add a map for any destination simply by entering the civic address. The map will show how to navigate to your reunion so you don't have to! You can include more than one map to help direct family members to multiple events.

      Event Date Countdown Display

      Event Details
      This page saves you time by clearly displaying all the information relevant to the event.

      Post a picture of the venue, include special access information, parking information, any information to help the guests!

      What else can I say about it? Oh... Today there is a free 7 day trial offer. You'll also find access to the new family reunion website from Fimark's Family Reunion Planner 3.0. Don't have it? Download it at... http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net/family-reunion-planner.html

      Or checkout the Family Reunion Website at... http://www.reunions.myevent.com/?affID=31409

      Happy Family Reunion Planning Month!

      Mark and Brenda
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