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    Inside: 1. Time for a Fundraiser 2. Money Savers 3. Making Reunion T-shirt Ordering Easier 4. Family Reunion Poetry Ready For Download 5. Free Printables For
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      1. Time for a Fundraiser
      2. Money Savers
      3. Making Reunion T-shirt Ordering Easier
      4. Family Reunion Poetry Ready For Download
      5. Free Printables For Patrons

      A shout out to our 258 facebook fans and 397 twitter followers!

      1. Time for a Fundraiser: Now is the time to prepare to hold a fund raiser to contribute toward treasury holding for current and future events. Are your t-shirts in yet? Tell invitees that they can pick up their t-shirts at the fundraiser. http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net

      Add late Attendee registrations. Contact your T-shirt vendor and add additional shirts to your T-shirt order. Update your monthly tasks list.

      2. Money Savers
      Good time to start preparing your car for the next vacation. Find bargains online on new tires, maintenance tools, supplies and auto service packages

      3. Making Reunion T-shirt Ordering Easier
      Don't you just hate taking in t-shirt orders. Seems half the family procrastinate while the others fail to pay the actual fees requested. Then the organizing and the delays sending back reprints. And let's not forget those kids who now want larger t-shirts because they grew overnight.

      So what's the secret? For some the key is using a good t-shirt roster spreadsheet that helps you organize and keep up with outstanding payments. Like the one in the Fimark Family Reunion Planner. http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net

      The other secret is not taking in orders at all. Just create an account at an online t-shirt print shop and have each reunion attendee order their own t-shirt. All you have to do is give them the url.

      Even better edit pre-designed reunion t-shirts and give each member the url via email, facebook or twitter. Here is an example email reminder:

      Hello family! It's time to order t-shirts. Deadline for orders is now. So get your order in today. Don't put it off. Dads ask moms for the kids t-shirt sizes. Go on call her now while your reading this. Now go to http://www.zazzle.com/zzibcnet?rf=238710760040489359 and click on the reunion cruise t-shirt. Nice shirt huh? Select the gender/size and add it to your cart. Now go to the next size. Now you're cookin. Easy as eating apple pie.

      4. Family Reunion Poetry Ready For Download
      Check out the inspiring line of poetic art on our Fimark Home Online Page. "Finding Our Way Back Home", "We Rise To Tell The Story", "Legends Live Among Us" "You Will Grow", "The Wisdom Tree", "This Your Gave Me" and "Deep Blue". They make great after recital keepsake momentos and gifts. Our family reunion planners have made these poems a popular feature at family reunions, anniversary parties, fellowships, honorary ceremonies, graduations and other special occasions. Preview each poem at....
      http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net/family_reunion_poems.html. Best of all if you purchased the Family Reunion Planner you now have free access to these beautiful poetic printables. Just go to your online download center and click on the link "Get Theme Printables Here".

      5. Free Printables for Patrons
      To find out how to get your family reunion and special occassion printables you can also reply to this newsletter requesting the poems.

      Don't have the Family Reunion Planner?
      Get it here..
      Happy family reunion planning.
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