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86Black History Months Commemoratives

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  • ibcnet32123
    Jan 14, 2010
      In commemoration of Black History Month February 2010 Legendary Heritage Heirlooms and Fimark Home Online issues 2 releases and one contribution.

      Fimark's Black History Month website at http://black-history.fimark.net Here users can enjoy and interactive Black History Month test, step thru galleries of Black Art, conduct genealogy research and read inspiring stories of those who found thier african roots using DNA technology.

      And that's not all. Get access to the free Black History Month commemorative release of Family Reunion Planner 3.0 evaluation version at http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net/aa-frp.html.

      Users of the complete Those who would like to make the switch to the complete Family Reunion Planner 3.0 may opt to switch over to the complete commemorative release. Just email me at fimarkhome@... with your purchase receipt number. There's no cost to make the switch.

      The Black History Month entry at wikipedia was in much need of updating. Access the page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_History_Month. Please enjoy the new list of suggested activities, accomplished black scientists and renew the mission never to forget our roots.

      Remembering Black History is not just for african americans. It's a universal acknowlegement of the need for freedom and equality for all mankind and the great sacrifices and struggles made to get this far.

      Taking the plunge into this subject has proved life altering and enhanced view of race relations between the races.