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78My How Time Flies!

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  • Mark Askew
    Aug 10, 2009
      It's a fact. Balloons, scarves and with enough wind gust even hats get away from us. Sometimes so far away from us they are completely out of reach and gone forever. But when you think about the stealth movement of time as it steals away it's minutes, hours and days... there just isn't a word in the English dictionary for how quickly time takes flight and dashes away.

      I'm reminded of what some of my aunts, uncles and grandmothers used to say when visiting us every few months. "Look how you've grown. Boy your shooting up just like a weed. My, how time flies." My own cute little children are neither cute nor little anymore. With the passing of time they are literally something more like Giants, He-men. Gigantors. Yes time can change things immensely.

      Even as I write this newsletter I'm noting how the minutes have not slowed down on my behalf. I sympathize with the frustrated TV commercial mom as she pulls precious cell phone minutes from the kitchen waste basket as her young boys look completely oblivious to the issue of time and money wasted. But for us older folk it seems these very minutes are toying with us. How many times have we looked at a date of the month and said `Hey, didn't this month just start a few days ago? How can it possibly be the 11th'.

      And speaking of toying, I believe these very minutes are deliberately playing tricks on me tonight. For look! I know for a fact a whole hour has just gone by in five minutes flat! Tricky little minutes. I've got my eye you. And there is something else I've got my eye on.

      I recently looked at the traffic stats of Fimark's family reunion planning website at http://family-reunion-planner.fimark.net and said to Brenda, my wife of almost 30 years, I can't believe it has been almost five years since the websites inception. I looked at the stats for the Family reunion planning newsletter portal from which this very issue has been submitted and, yes it has survived all these years steadily increasing to a total membership of 700 along the way. I would have to say in this particular case time took nothing away from us. The minutes, hours and days did not grow wings and fly far from our reach. On the contrary, the website reached a peak of 840 daily visitors, the newsletter a peak circulation of 700, the tools downloaded over 3000 times and articles read by over 2 million viewers, and I would like to think you and I somehow grew together and in one way or another got a little better with time. That said the passing of time can be a good thing. A very good thing indeed.

      And speaking of getting better with time, I thought you would like to know just what we have been up to for the past seven months. The Fimark team have been working on a secret reunion planning application suite that admittedly has not failed to impress us, given it's much valued and needed features in the industry.

      This particular tool is not a compilation of Word documents bundled with a few webpage applications and enough number crunching budget and survey features that would make your head spin. Still tools such as the former have been the life blood of family reunion planning for the past five years and will continue to serve as such. But this new application is something much more. Something universal. Something greatly anticipated. Something next level and beyond. So what is it called and what does it do you ask?

      My goodness me. How could this be? Would you look at the time.
      …to be continued.

      Next Weeks Newsletter Topic: "Countdown To Unvieling The FFRPI"

      Happy Family Reunion Planning!
      -Mark and Brenda