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77Faith + Family + Friends = Future

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  • Mark Askew
    Apr 15, 2009
      Faith + Family + Friends = Future

      Hello Family Reunion Planners! Brenda and I hope all is well with each and every one of you. Our big fat family reunion planning group has had quite a year so far. There have been many milestones reached thanks to persistence and just plain loving what we do.

      Faith, Family and Friends are making all the difference in 2009 and here's why.

      Have Faith
      We all have had to go with one less of something. For some it has been one less cell phone, one less car or even one less home. Children are learning to do without the latest gadgets and gizmos. No doubt you are eating out less and putting what you can aside. So what's the upside? Tough times are humbling. Economic times can bring the family and siblings together, But actually being closer at heart is what makes all the dirrference. These times test our faith, loyalties and principles. Many are relearning how to interact, communicate and enjoy each other in terms of personal interest alone. It's the ideal time to rediscover the hidden fabric that binds and bonds father and son, mother and daughter. It's also a good time to rediscover and appreciate our natural environment and all its wonders.

      Many have put pride aside and been moved to simplify, do with less or do without for something much more valuable--- faith and hope. Many families are spending more of their free time in some form of community service. This helps all family members take on a more realistic view of how tough times are and see that there are always others who are less advantaged. They are discovering that there really is more happiness in giving than in receiving and see the value of working together while giving back.

      Family On Family
      Children get anxious and desperate for parents to get back on their feet financially. They may not understand the time and effort involved in preparing to acquire a modest income. Children are often unaware of the crushing disappointments that come along the way. Combine that with the dreaded daily question, "Hey Dad, did you get a job yet?" which oftentimes results in the parent becoming disgruntled, aloof and emotionally distant.

      Solution – Mothers, in-laws, friends and grandparents can help keep a young Dad from avoiding the company of his own family while looking for work with just a few choice words. "When he has good news to share he'll let you know. There is no need to keep asking." "Your Dad is a lot more than just a job. Talk to him about things you both like to do together. Challenge him to a game of basketball or baseball after he has rested"
      Those who are employed in the home should do what they can to keep the doors of opportunity open for those who are seeking employment in the home or extended family. But do so discretely. Rather than provide a classified section with circles around jobs that thousands of readers are also eyeing, try these suggestions:

      1. Provide a phone number leading to a prearranged Interview that perfectly matches the skill set of a family member.

      2. Let them know that such and such reviewed your resume and is already impressed by it and wants to speak with you at such and such a time.

      3. Invite them to free career seminars on your job.

      4. Tell successful and productive business leaders to contact a family member even if it's just to inspire and motivate them to keep looking and suggestions on what's available out there.

      5. Contact social services or an employment office and inquire about free training or volunteer opportunities that might lead to certification and advanced career opportunities and pass on the schedule, names of specific people to ask for and other preparatory information to your family member.

      6. Always show a personal interest in their talents and appreciate whatever they are doing to hone their skills.

      Turn Back To Family
      Never sit and sulk. Fathers and mothers who may be experiencing employment setbacks should take the time to play, walk and talk with their sons and daughters. All family members should volunteer a few hours a week helping others less fortunate. This gives children a more realistic view of life and the assurance that with a little hope and help things will improve gradually.

      Go fishing on the pier, biking on the local trail, exercise together in the basement, take a walk in the park, and go to free shows, seminars, and exhibitions together. Build a small-scale model sailboat, motorboat, RC car or work on that old Chevy together. Discuss the need to make a sacrifice or two in order to better help make ends meet. Whenever a sacrifice has to be made replace it with something they will enjoy. Grandparents should take the time to share their story about life's transition and how things worked out in the end.

      True Friends Help
      Working close with the community, congregation and family will keep the doors of opportunity wide open. Making true friends along the way can make all the difference as well. "There exists a friend who sticks closer than a brother." so says a wise proverb. Friends who expect you to burn what little money you have on momentary pleaures are no help. A true friend always wants you and your family to do better and works hard to actively support the household. "I found a job with the help of my Sister-In-Law." "I found a job as a receptionist with the help of a good friend." "A congregation member helped me develop my typing and telephone skills. I felt much more competent to find what I needed. Using her as a reference I landed a job with a modest income." "An elder saw my talent and recommend I find work at a local hair solon. I'm working now." "My Brother-in-Law helped me write a business plan." "An elder's wife helped me write my resume. I found work shortly thereafter." "A friend gave me the idea of selling water. I'm making more money than I did working for someone else." "I earn more income mowing lawns with my son than on my former truck route."

      While preparing your next family reunion be mindful of those who might appreciate your services, skills and wisdom. While monetary help is often needed, putting in a good word as a reference, making recommendations and passing on skills that lead to income acquisition are even more valuable. Provide assistance with tests, edit resumes or consider them for part-time work in your well-established small business. One congregation elder says, "Remember that caring for family members should not be in the spirit of a token outreach service. As one fine scripture reads "Do not let your left hand know what you right hand is doing." We give quietly and when possible anonymously. We keep it dignified and respectable with no strings attached. This may not feed our ego, but when we see our brother and his family get back on their feet and want to give back, it does feed our hearts."


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