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186Remembering To Give Back

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  • ibcnet32123
    May 22, 2012
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      Have you enjoyed reading our weekly newsletter? We hope you've been inspired and enjoy a close knit family life as a result.

      Family members have long held to the tradition of giving back to fathers and mothers so that they are able to see good for all their hard work. Brenda and I give back by affirming their independence. Handling them delicately in their golden years and instilling confidence, honor and love as they age. We constantly remind them of what we have learned from them, helping them see good for all their hard work.

      We are both the giver and the receiver. The taker and restorer. The user and replenisher. As such I certainly am in good company. Most of my readers have in some way given back to me and Brenda for our efforts to inspire, entertain and provide practical guides and tools to families the world over.

      It is gratifying to see thousands of users spending precious time making use of our event planning tools and tips. But most gratifying of all is when you the reader take those 3 seconds to say "I like this" and leave a comment or two that lifts our spirits so much that we fairly bust with more creativity ideas, tips and tools. Others have taken a minute to rate our products on Google Wallet and Amazon.com. In other words you're giving back makes us give you even more.

      On our Pinterest page at http://pinterest.com/fimarkhome/pins 22 users liked the Family Reunion Planner book in just three weeks. 77 user repinned the book to their own Pinterest page. Brenda and I can honestly say we see good for all our hard work.

      Over the years Google Wallet users have rewarded Fimark Home Online resources and books with a good star rating, we still enjoy the #2 ranking spot for keyword "Family reunion planner" on Google search engines.

      We invite you to visit our Amaxon.com page at http://goo.gl/gVsY6 and take 3 seconds to rate our Book Fimark's Family Reunion Planner. Thanks for giving back.