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  • ibcnet32123
    Jun 6, 2011
      Hello Family Reunion Planners

      Inside This Issue:
      1. T-shirts Designed By Theme
      2. Find June Summer Discounts For Supplies
      3. Throw A Final Fund Raiser Yardsale/Bakesale
      4. Task Reminders Using The Family Reunion Planner

      1. T-shirts Designed By Theme
      One of the biggest tasks of the family reunion planner is getting t-shirts designed, ordered, inspected and shipped. Once the shirts are in they have to be distributed and that means matching shirts to individual orders. How can you organize your t-shirt ordering task so no one is overlooked?

      Fimark's Family Reunion Planner contains the perfect T-shirt Roster. Enter names into your attendee database, enter sizes and quantities. Add up outstanding dues payments. Sort orders by size and place the order using award winning prompt and professional t-shirt vendors who offer great bulk discounts and free or discounted shipping. Best of all because the database prints in spreadsheet format you can print out name slips to attach to each order for easy distribution.

      Designing Your T-shirt
      Now you don't have to worry about designing a new family reunion t-shirt anymore. Fimark's Family Reunion Planner steps you thru the family reunion theme selection process and suggests logos, slogans and t-shirt designs.

      We have pre-drawn designs we know you'll love. And best of all they are ready to print and ship to your home in 24 hours. Get seasonal discounts and save on shipping today. http://www.zazzle.com/zzibcnet*/

      2. Find June Summer Discounts For Supplies
      Now is the time to get bargain discounts on supplies for your family reunion. And we can help. Just go to http://astore.amazon.com/fimarkhome-party-20

      3. Throw A Final Fund Raiser Yardsale or Bakesale
      Still need more funds to wrap up loose ends? Have a fundraiser. A fundraiser yardsale featuring toys, tools, cloths trinkets is becoming a big shopping pastime for everyone. Why not add a bake sale and let your browsers enjoy great eats and a cold glass of lemonade. For more fundraising ideas get Fimark's Family Reunion Planner.

      4. Reunion Planning Task Reminders

      If your family reunion is scheduled this summer of fall read these important June reminders from Fimark's Family Reunion Planner: Contact participating vendors to finalize service plans and coordinate them with activities. Review your itinerary with each department head and ensure follow thru of each task assigned.

      1. Remember to view your family reunion planners Timeline
      Planner and followup with reunion action items.

      2. Share your reunion planner worksheets on the web using
      Googles Docs and Spreadsheets viewer/editor.

      3. Create Survey charts using your Excel Worksheets and find out the
      average distance to proposed reunion locations per family.

      4. Calculate average outstanding dues payments.

      5. Calculate average number of T-shirts to household.

      6. Perform an annual comparison of reunion attendance and more

      Don't have Fimark's Family Reunion Planner yet? Get it here.