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Re: [Families of Angelman Syndrome] Teacher of a child with Angelman's Syndrome

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  • Kathy Leonard
    Hello, It s great to hear a teacher looking for advice! I m sure the parents appreciate you taking the time. You don t say what age this child is you work
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 25, 2002

      It's great to hear a teacher looking for advice! I'm sure the parents appreciate you taking the time.

      You don't say what age this child is you work with, so i'll start from the beginning. It is true that their receptive skills are better than their expressive, and i am by no means an expert on educating children with Angelman Syndrome, this is from experience with an AS child as a parent.

      One of the most important things is self-help skills. Many kids can learn simple household chores if they are taught. Hand over hand is a great way to teach sign language, or feeding skills if the children are receptive to it. My 10 year old angel was very receptive to hand over hand where feeding is concerned. My 5 year old angel who still doesn't feed herself, isn't receptive to it at all. I use a more straight forward approach with her. If I give her something that isn't finger food. She doesn't get the meal until she holds her spoon and attempts to spoon feed. This is can be very frustrating, but i have heard from other parents this worked for them.

      Usually attention span is very little, as i'm sure you have read. My 10 year old angel still won't attend to a task for more than 10 minutes, unless it's water, sand, plastic, or sticker related. Alot of children can learn simple classroom jobs, such as emptying the trash, wiping down tables, or stacking chairs. This gives them a sense of responsibility and alot of Angel's like to "help" usually.

      If i can help you any way just let me know. My e-mail address is Candlecrazy_1999@... Good luck!

      Mandy 10, Angie 4, Rocky 13 months, all AS, ube3a


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