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  • angels_mom97
    Hello Everyone, I can t believe that I hadn t come across this group before now, but I m glad that I found it. I have been reading some of the existing posts
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2005
      Hello Everyone,

      I can't believe that I hadn't come across this group before now, but
      I'm glad that I found it. I have been reading some of the existing
      posts and have found some very interesting information and techniques.

      My name is Adele, and I have an 8-year-old angel, Jacquelynn. She is
      considered high functioning, and is delition negative. I didn't have
      her go through the other test to get an official Angelman Syndrome
      diagnosis after we did the first test (fish) because she had a
      clinical diagosis and that was good enough for me. She was having
      seizures at the time and with all the other test she was having to go
      through, I just didn't have the heart to subject her to more.

      Jacquelynn is a beautiful little lady with a personality that is out
      of this world. The typical community could learn a lot from our
      angels. Heck, I learn a lot from my angel..lol. She doesn't know hate
      or the word quit. When she sets her mind to do something, she keeps at
      it until she does it. She has a love for life and an appreciation for
      the smallest of things that most of us take for granted. I feel really
      honored and blessed to have the privalege of being her mom. Yes, you
      guessed it, I am proud of my little lady.

      Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your group, I look forward
      to all the wisdom and humor that you all have to share from your
      experiences with your own special angels.
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