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  • usanooga
    To All: My son has AS, he is 8. He is on Abilify, (5mg - 2x a day) it has helped him. Without it he has problems focusing. We are currently addressing the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2005
      To All:

      My son has AS, he is 8.

      He is on Abilify, (5mg - 2x a day) it has helped him. Without it he
      has problems focusing.

      We are currently addressing the bowel problems with blood work and
      other tests. Will update that in a later post

      Some of the challenges

      * Potty Training - not much accomplished here- so far. But we too
      experience the "diaper digging" Oh what fun that is!

      * Speech - facing him about 8 inches from his face and speaking to
      him articulately has completely changed his speech pattern. He
      watches and tries to mimic the words as we say them.

      * Sign Language - We have started sign language and he now recognizes
      7 signs and signs 3 after 1 month.

      * He does accomplish minor tasks with lots of encouragement. We will
      ask him to throw something away and he will make the attempt to put
      it in the garbage. Food is a motivator, so we ask him to get
      something from pantry or frige and he knows where it is and brings it
      to us.

      * We recently attempted a trip to New York City where we stayed in
      Times Square area. He was a trooper, he walked with us without much
      problems ALL day, of course we had to hold his arm or hand the whole
      time. Usually he is overwhelmed (sp) when he is in a place not
      familiar to him. But after all the walking etc he really did great.
      This was very encouraging for us.

      * Security - He attempts to open windows now and crawl out, so
      besides all the double locks on the doors (with alarms) now we are
      having to secure the windows with bracing sticks to prevent them from
      opening at all. Includes 2nd and 3rd floors!

      * Food- He eats everything in sight. We have to make sure we never
      leave anything out. Textures are a problem, such as 2 different types
      in his mouth the same time. He will spit them out.

      * Health - He never has a solid bowel movement, minor absorbtion
      problem. He has been this way since birth. We do notice
      small "concentration tremors" when he tries to pick something up
      etc. (small shaking) I have not seen the seizures others have
      mentioned, but he does twist around in circles a couple times a day
      and I have been told these are a form of seizure. It kind of looks
      like he is dancing.

      * Social - He says Hi to everyone, he will continue saying Hi after
      you aknowledge him, some people do no understand as he keeps saying
      Hi HI HI HI etc. He laughs alot, chuckles and is overly friendly.
      Lately he has taken to our 2 dogs in the backyard, He puts up a fit
      if he can't go out and see them. I have been working with the
      interaction with the animals, he always wants to pull their ears etc,
      so I have to supervise him closely around all animals. We will start
      horseback riding soon, so I am curious how this will help him. It
      will be fun watching him.


      * He loves the TV and Soap Operas. (i need to get him to like
      Football games next)

      * He cries when he sees arguments on TV or fighting

      * MUSIC- He loves Brittany Spears song "Sometimes" , I have to play
      it for him everyday, this has been going on for years. Everytime I
      play it, he stops what he is doing, then starts running down the hall
      1/2 laughing-crying and just kind of goes thru the same routine
      everytime I play it.

      Finally this last year we were able to add a new song to
      his "Greatest Hits" it is Mandy Moores "Only Hope" he acts the same
      way to that now.

      * Light switches- the neighbors by now must think we are NUTS, or
      trying to SOS aliens. He is constantly running around flipping
      lights off and on. no need for strobe light here.

      * Water- We now lock the master bedroom door, cause once he went into
      the Master bath jaccuzi and filled it up to where he almost drowned.
      2 Months ago, he decided to go into the bathroom on the third floor
      and play in the sink, he ended up flooding the bathroom as he would
      cup his hands and let the water run down his arms onto the floor.

      * Chewing - He constantly chews on his clothes, We go thru a shirt a
      week. He either chews on the sleeve or the neck line area.

      * Stairs - give him a ball and he will spend a lot of time going to
      top and rolling it down. He also loves to walk up and down the
      stairs. Anytime he sees stairs he will put up a fit to get to them.

      * Fascinated with flying bugs outside the window. Loves to watch

      * Rides in the car fine, doesn't like to be cooped up to long... as
      with any kid.

      * Outside he need full supervision, he wants to run to the road any
      chance he gets.

      * My daughter is a ballet/jazz dancer and he loves to watch her
      dance, he will try and mimic her it is really fun to watch.

      * Lately he is into his stuffed animals and musical bus that has
      Barney on it. He refers to them constantly. We can't travel without
      I was big into sports growing up and my father played a big roll in
      my childhood. I really was looking forward to doing all those father-
      son things with my son. But you know what I can honestly say that he
      has taught me so much more about the meaning of life. I learn about
      myself everyday when I am with him. I bet my father had alot of fun
      watching me play baseball, well I get so much joy out of watching my
      son accomplish things. I used to never have patience. Having a
      child that has challenges certainly changes your perspective on
      life. If you take the time to devote yourself to them you will learn
      patience and many other things about yourself that you will be
      amazed. My son is the best thing that could ever happen to me. I am
      afraid to think how I might have been had my son been like everyone

      Thanks for your time,
      Any questions or ANSWERS to any of these topics feel free to share!

      Best of luck to Everyone!

      One day at a time and one accomplishment at a time!
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