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94New member - is genetic testing useful?

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  • Dave Adams
    Nov 4, 2002
      I am a new member with an autistic son. A local geneticist has been
      recommending to parents with autistic kids that they be tested for
      mecp2 (Rett syndrome), 22q11.2, FISH studies of chromosone tips and
      mpcr studies of 15q (Angelman's syndrome). I have heard that he
      recommends these tests because the listed genetics defects have been
      found in some autistic kids. We have an appointment soon and I am
      trying to prepare beforehand.

      I have searched the archives of autism lists at yahoogroups and from
      what I could find, some of the gene defects listed above are not
      specific to any one disorder. Also, what the genes above are
      responsible for in the body is not known. I was wondering if the
      above testing will provide useful information in our case? Does
      knowing a person has one of the genetic defects above give direction
      to therapies or anything else useful? Thanks.

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