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92Teacher of a child with Angelman's Syndrome

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  • patty153
    Aug 25 7:20 AM
      I am a special educator of seventeen years. This year will be my
      first year teaching children in a "Life Skills" class. That's what
      we call the class in TN.
      I have a darling student with this condition. I have already contacted
      the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. They sent me their information
      pack. A lot of info.
      If any of you have ideas on how to work with this child let me know.
      I have been working with her on basic skills (attention, focusing
      her to work with me, hand over hand activities). I would like her
      to return to feeding herself with finger foods. For some reason,
      last year, no one really worked with her, except for the class nurse
      and assistant.
      She responds to her name, responds to food.
      As the info said in the packet, receptive language is better than
      expressive. She does express her needs vocally at times.
      Looking forward to hearing from your.
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