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775Re: [Families of Angelman Syndrome] talking

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  • lacey gutcher
    Nov 8, 2005
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      Alright, well we're back from portland. They said everything looks good. That tanner is gaining weight well and getting very tall LOL they were all amazed! We have to get appointments scheduled. They want to do an ABR hearing test (even with tubes he's never passed a test), an ENT appointment, feeding clinic, and a swallow study (ALL IN THE SAME DAY!)So when we go back we'll be very busy. The trip up was alright. I decided to be nice and invite my mother in law to go...that was so annoying! Its like she doesn't believe anything we tell her so she asks the doctors and tries to take control answering questions and helping setting up appointments. Which is dumb because she only see's tanner like once a month (seriously) and she doesn't know whats going on with him. Like they were asking about the seizures and she was telling them about them. SHE WASN'T EVEN THERE! She has no idea what tanner has been doing. Yet thinks she's the queen ....Geez. Okay moving on LOL. I am very glad that
      joshy has been good! Tanner hasn't had any seizures since that day. It was like a 1 day thing i guess. I don't know. Well write back.

      Talk to you soon,


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