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762Re: [Families of Angelman Syndrome] talking

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  • Susan Hawk
    Nov 5, 2005
      Hi, our Isabella is 5 and at this point she only says
      bye-bye, baby and mama. She doesn't say them
      spontaneously only with prompting, but I hope she
      eventually will say them without the prompt. She gets
      OT, PT and speech at her school and they go over
      vocabulary words with her. She understands so much
      more then she can say. If you say "look behind you" or
      "go pick up your toy" or whatever she responds
      correctly. She also babbles like crazy, makes lots of
      squeals and noises. Seems more vocal lately then she
      did before. She laughs and giggles all the time, often
      inappropriately to the situation. She walks on her own
      and learned to walk at about the usual time, but her
      gait is odd and not always quite steady, like going up
      a step or down a step can trip her up, or sometimes
      she just trips over her own feet. Isabella used to
      bite and pinch especially when she was excited and we
      did firmly over and over tell her to stop and she is
      much better about it. They also reinforce all that at
      her school. Susan

      --- sara good <iamdonna42701@...> wrote:

      > Hi, Sarah. My son is two and half and does not walk
      > on his own. He can if you hold his hand but he is
      > very wobbly. He just had eye surgery for strabismus
      > and has made a major turn around. He walks very
      > well in a walker. The therapist and I are hoping he
      > will walk by Christmas. He is very heavy! 37lbs!
      > I wanted to know if other children were on the hefty
      > side like Josh or tiny. ??? I read that kids
      > diagnosed UPD (which is the way it is looking for
      > Josh) are heavier. Josh just started to have lip
      > closure. He will babble. He can say Buba. We call
      > him Buba most of the time. He can make w noises
      > along with b's and m's. The speech therapist says
      > that she is for certain he will have no problem
      > talking with the letters he can put together. We
      > are working on P'S. He just started biting. He bit
      > me 3 times yesterday. I told him no firmly. Any
      > advice?
      > sarah copeland <sazcopey@...> wrote:hi
      > everyone, hope all your angels, and you are keeping
      > well
      > I would love to know if any of your angels talk ,how
      > well ,
      > and how many words ,is it meaningfull and what age
      > did they start
      > to use speach.
      > I,m sorry it,s sound like a hundred questions . but
      > you read some of
      > the angel web sites and they say no speach, and
      > others say they do.
      > And who better to ask than your selfs.
      > declan is 3 1/2 and as yet there are no words but
      > loads of
      > squealing and babble..
      > see you sarah and declan..
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