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761Re: [Families of Angelman Syndrome] talking

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  • lacey
    Nov 5, 2005

      My son tanner just turned 2 (oct. 22nd). He can't Really talk yet but
      he has learned "haaa" which for him is yes and "uhuh" which of course
      is no. But today while we were sitting in triage at the emergency room
      my mom said " Hi baby " and He actually said hi back to her. I feel the
      chances of that happening again are slim but his yes and no are very
      meaning full. if you ask him question "Tanner do you wanna take a bath"
      his response is usually "uhuh" (He doesn't think baths are real
      great...just okay). We ask him questions all the time. This is
      something i have been doing since before we knew he had angelmans. I
      would be out shopping and ask him if we should get corn (would hold it
      up) or peas (hold it in other hand) and wait for a response (touching
      the can or kinda pointing). Of course if he didn't respond i would
      choose. But i think it was just that simple interaction that stimulated
      his yes and no.

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