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  • camcl2
    Nov 14, 2001
      Hello All,<br><br>I am a mom of an 8 year old boy
      who I suspect has AS. I've never heard of this before
      yesterday, I have my pediatrician reviewing all of my son's
      files etc...<br><br>My questions: My son does have
      about a 5 word vocabulary. And he has an abnormally
      large head, which is opposite standard AS
      characteristics. Otherwise the clinical description is him to a T.
      Would these two thing rule out AS? <br><br>My son is on
      15mg/day of ritalin, and .1mg/day of catapres for
      sleeping. How does this compare to everyone else?
      <br><br>Because of his fine motor problems, we've also found that
      ASL didn't work for us. He uses a computerized
      communication device called a Dynavox, which has been
      absolutely wonderful.<br><br>I am so thrilled that after
      over 7 years of searching, we may finally have a
      diagnosis. I would love to talk to other parents about AS.
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