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750Re: [Families of Angelman Syndrome] talking

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  • Monica Yalan Chang
    Nov 1, 2005
      My angel can say: momo, papa, bebe(our cat's name), more, milk, 5 words. she is also 3 1/2 year old. She can walk (start to walk when she was 21 months old) eat by herself, know colors, shape of numbers, some anmails. sleep by herself at first 5 hours (from 8 pm), and wake up around 1am and comes into our room and sleep until 7 or 8 am. will tell you if she needs to use toilet, and take off the pants, help us clean up the table after dinner, also clean up her room before she goes to bed, ride bicyle when she was 2 and 8 months old, love to play hide and see game, love to paint! have to paint everyday.....and so on..
      I am also really like to know how other AS kids doing....

      Natasha's mom Monica

      sarah copeland <sazcopey@...> wrote:
      hi everyone, hope all your angels, and you are keeping well
      I would love to know if any of your angels talk ,how well ,
      and how many words ,is it meaningfull and what age did they start
      to use speach.
      I,m sorry it,s sound like a hundred questions . but you read some of
      the angel web sites and they say no speach, and others say they do.
      And who better to ask than your selfs.
      declan is 3 1/2 and as yet there are no words but loads of
      squealing and babble..
      see you sarah and declan..

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      Monica Yalan Chang

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