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  • mpwife00
    Oct 2, 2001
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      My daughter is 4 years old with microcephaly,
      severe developmental and physical delays, and then some.
      I was researching syndromes that might fit her in
      hopes of finding a diagnosis. She fits Angelman
      Syndrome perfect. I brought it up to her neurologist
      yesterday at her appointment but she said that Angelman
      kids don't speak and Abby (my daughter) does say some
      words, not many though. And I know through the web pages
      I have seen concerning Angelman it says some kids
      do have minimal use of words. Does anyones kids talk
      at all? This is the only reason the neurologist
      doesn't think she has it, she fits every other
      description. <br><br>Thanks<br>Karrie
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