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627Re: [Families of Angelman Syndrome] Digest Number 215

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  • Mickey
    Sep 1, 2005
      I'm sorry I have not responded to the new comers.. Welcome. I am a mother of twin Angels. they are now 8 and was diagnosed at 4. They 1st said they had CP. Our Angels are pretty good boys, they have pretty much everything that is Angelman Syndrome. I have to say that some of you must be having better luck at getting your kids to walk or even some words. mine to crawl and scoot, but no walking NO words. they do alot with their hands,, everything to the mouth:) LOL seizure are pretty good this year its BEEN so long I can't remember their last ones... Meds are pretty much controlling them. I only know what my kids do and have. I really don't know ALOT about AS. But, the things I find doesn't look like anything new, but we know we have good kids that will be with us forever and that's a BIG PLUS:) I always look at the bright side and my kids are pretty healthy. everyone take care and big hugs to all your Angels...
      Michelle, Kabel, & Kyle... Indiana.

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