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  • Justannae Kirby
    Jul 5, 2005
      We ran into the same prob. with Junior, but for
      different reasons- no g-tube, but he did have a
      colostomy bag for a while. I was concerned he wasn't
      getting enough when his weight gain was slow if any at
      all between visits to the doctor. A nurse's
      "suggestion" turned out to be the answer- Feed Less
      More Often. Forget that proper 3 meals a day idea,
      and offer some thing every couple of hours. (At
      20yrs- 5'tall and 115 lbs-and incredibly healthy),
      Junior still eats every 2-3 hours. Not a regular meal,
      just a mini version of it. It's going to look like
      next to nothing on the plate- so get a smaller plate.

      Check out this FDA link: http://www.mypyramid.gov/
      It has a chart you can fill in the age of your angel
      and their activity level(use the *less than 30
      minutes) then the program figures out just how much
      your angel needs to eat in a days time. Divide that by
      8 (meals) <7-if you're lucky enough to have a child
      who sleeps through the night>. As you can see, this
      works out to just a few bites at a time, but they're
      getting everything they need. Don't feel like you're
      going to be stuck in the kitchen all the time...dish
      up mini meals ahead of time, stack them in the
      REMEMBER: In time, you'll be able to teach your angel
      to go to the kitchen, get a meal out of the 'frig and
      heat it up in the microwave on their own. NEVER LOSE

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