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493Re: Feeding

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  • Sue Harris
    Jul 5, 2005

      You said Christopher has been sick lately, has he had strep? Has
      your dr recommened a feeding tube? Sounds like you are very
      frustrated with his eating, have you tried softer foods, Pedisure,
      smoothies? My Teagan, has a terrible time gaining weight so I
      fortify everything....Pediasure with Ovaltine, smoothies with
      banana, peanut butter and chocolate and ovaltine. Whole milk
      yougart, high calorie ice cream etc. Try not focusing on the
      amount of food he's eating - since you know he's not eating much,
      increase the calories in what he does and will eat. You might ask
      your doctor for a appetite stimulant too. Good luck- and God
      Bless, Sue and Teagan

      -- In familiesofangelmansyndrome@yahoogroups.com, Jennifer Posey
      <jposey83@y...> wrote:
      > Hello All
      > When Christopher was a baby and I first started table food to him
      he loved it. He would eat until his little belly was about to pop.
      Then he started to slack off he would still eat pretty well for me
      but I would have to make him eat such as holding his arms and
      pulling his face to the spoon. About 5 months ago is when it got
      really bad, he's been sick a lot but even when he gets feeling
      better he still won't eat even if I try to force it he'll spit it
      out or take it out by hand. He is supposed to start a school in
      August but I'm scared that they won't take the time to make him eat
      and they'll tell me I have to get him a G tube. Question everyone
      that has a child with one how bad are they? Did your child gain any
      weight with it? Why did he/she get one? How old was your child
      when they got it? Well I'll let everyone go. Please write any
      comments that ya'll have on the g tubes.
      > Jennifer, Christopher, Brianna
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