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3550Re: [Families of Angelman Syndrome] Negative behaviors in teen boys with angelman syndrome

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  • Nwrednose
    Mar 19, 2013
      Hello. My daughter is 22. She can get grabby with food and vocalize when he doesn't want go a direction we are wanting her to go and lately I am noticing repetitive behavior such as mouth/tongue clicking and she bangs on her bedroom window at night. The dr said we could give her 2 over the counter sleep aid with no ill side affects and so far so good. :) Corinne

      On Mar 19, 2556 BE, at 1:38 PM, "cathers5" <cathers5@...> wrote:

      > Hello my name is Leslie and we have a beautiful son J age 14 with angelman syndrome. He has been demonstrating some real aggressive behaviors. He is currently taking 2 mg of tenex and we are now adding an additional dose at night of 1 mg.
      > he is a big boy with a large appetite and sometimes fights for more food especially carbs or treats!
      > He has now begun to refuse to get on the bus in the morning or even get in the car to be driven to school. He sometimes won't leave a store or restaurant without a fight or us having to bribe in some way to get him to obey!
      > His sleeping is an issue as well he won't go up to bed until late and he seems to be make little noises like ticks and/or repetitive behaviors!
      > Has anyone had any of these concerns with their children? Any feedback would be awesome.
      > Thank you
      > Leslie

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