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3548Fw: content for Yahoo groups email (flyer attached, if you can include it)

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  • Suzanne Klimacek
    Mar 15, 2013
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      Subject: FW: content for Yahoo groups email (flyer attached, if you can include it)

      Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 16:26:33 -0800
      Subject: content for Yahoo groups email (flyer attached, if you can include it)
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      I wanted to let everyone know about a website/newsletter I signed up for which has become a great resource. I've copied the information below from one of their flyers, to give you an idea of what they provide. In addition, they announced in their last newsletter that they will soon be selling iPads and tablets configured with apps for the special-needs community. You choose the need, they provide the best app and set it up for you. Take a chance to check out their website for more information.

      Feel free to pass this along to others who may be interested. 


      VHIconnect.org is a website developed by advocates and family members of persons with disabilities
      and special needs, intent on creating a state-of-the–art resource for everyone
      involved in this community. The founders of Vast Horizons Inc., the California
      nonprofit that developed and operate VHIconnect, have a twelve-year history of advocacy
      and service.
      VHIconnect.org is a news and social
      media website that serves anyone needing resources or supports in the disabilities
      or special needs community. The site provides:
      knowledge is power, so every week we supply visitors with over forty important
      local and national news stories about disabilities, to keep them up-to-date. If
      it’s relevant, you’ll find it on VHIconnect.org.
      Views- our Featured Blog provides
      editorial comments on legislation, budget cuts, and how best to advocate for
      change in these challenging times.
      Social Network- connect with other
      families, caregivers, providers. Together we can share information and support
      each other. Together we can implement change in our homes, schools, cities, and
      E-commerce Storefront- locate important
      products for the disabilities community, at great internet prices! Five percent
      of all revenue is donated back to programs.
      Classifieds- have something you no
      longer need? Sell it in our classifieds section, or give it away to a worthy
      cause or individual. VHIconnect.org will help.
      The Special Needs Gang Comic- need a
      lift? Add a little humor to you week, by checking out our “Special Needs Gang” comic strip. 
      You’ll never tire of their unique outlook on the world around them.
      those who are busy, overworked, and need information and resources without
      tedious web searches, VHIconnect.org is the place to visit. Sign up for our
      newsletter to make access even more convenient. And tell a friend!   

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