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349sleeping problem

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  • Cliff Nixon
    Apr 1, 2005
      Dear All, My Julie, age 7, has not been diagnosis yet but fits almost all
      of the characteristics except seizures. Her FISH test came back negative,
      but I am making another genetic appt. this week to go to the next level.
      My question today is about sleeping. The last 3 days she has either
      gotten up before 6, not gone to bed until 11:30 or later and then wakes
      up at 3 crying. No fever, just wants to be up. The normal thrashing ,
      some biting and constant movement. The last two nights I laid down with
      her and she moved constantly every 2 minutes until suddenly she was
      still, like she had passed out from exhaustion. I gave her Tylenol before
      bed thinking it might be her teeth. I saw on the archives that someone
      give 3 mg of Melatoin before bed. IS this the route I need to go? She is
      normally a very good sleeper. The only medicine we give her is a
      digestive enzyme with meals(allergic to dairy and soy). Could it be a
      UTI? Thanks, Sleepy MOM Lynne