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349sleeping problem

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  • Cliff Nixon
    Apr 1, 2005
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      Dear All, My Julie, age 7, has not been diagnosis yet but fits almost all
      of the characteristics except seizures. Her FISH test came back negative,
      but I am making another genetic appt. this week to go to the next level.
      My question today is about sleeping. The last 3 days she has either
      gotten up before 6, not gone to bed until 11:30 or later and then wakes
      up at 3 crying. No fever, just wants to be up. The normal thrashing ,
      some biting and constant movement. The last two nights I laid down with
      her and she moved constantly every 2 minutes until suddenly she was
      still, like she had passed out from exhaustion. I gave her Tylenol before
      bed thinking it might be her teeth. I saw on the archives that someone
      give 3 mg of Melatoin before bed. IS this the route I need to go? She is
      normally a very good sleeper. The only medicine we give her is a
      digestive enzyme with meals(allergic to dairy and soy). Could it be a
      UTI? Thanks, Sleepy MOM Lynne