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  • Crystal
    May 4, 2008
      Hello all I'm new to this Group.... My son was Diagnosised with
      Infantile Spasms and Focal Siezures at 3 months old but we are just now
      starting to get some answers has to why... He is now 3 1/2 years old
      and will possible be diagnosised with angelman syndrome...(Still
      waiting for blood tests) We met with a genetic specialist in hopes of
      finding out why noah is the way he is and he suggested the blood test
      for angelman syndrome... when he started to tell us some of the signs
      it was so exact in almost all areas it was scary... we had wondered why
      no other doctors had notice... the only thing was he doesnt have any of
      the facial features and he is not feel heat...He is pretty much numb to
      feeling anything... but what I was wondering if anyone has a child with
      infantile spasms and angelman syndrome and also lately noah has been
      crying a lot and we do not know what is wrong... I was wondering if it
      is possible for him to feel jealous I have a newborn girl and a two
      year old as well and it seems as though it may be jealousy ... any
      answers would be great or just a letter of what you have been

      Crystal Travioli ( mother of three Noah 3, Aidan 2, Ava 4 Months )
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