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  • beckybecky6
    Jan 15, 2005
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      Hi everyone. I am a new member. I am a special education teacher and
      one of my students has Angelman Syndrome. He is in my classroom part
      of the time and in regular kindergarten with support part of the
      time. I am always trying to learn more that will help me be a better
      teacher to all of my students, and I have found that parents are a
      source of a lot of good information.

      There is a way that you could help me right now: I am taking a
      graduate class on research and I am doing a project on development
      of expressive communication skills in Angelman syndrome. For part of
      the assignment I am to construct an email survey and send it to at
      least 5 people. Would some of you allow me to send you my survey? In
      real life I only know one Angel, so I thought I would ask on some of
      the webgroups to see if I could find more people. I thought of just
      going to the Members list and sending it to everyone who's email is
      listed, but I don't know if that is a proper use of the list. (If
      you think it's ok, someone please tell me that.)

      Anyway, there are really 2 things I am hoping to learn from my
      survey. First, what are the levels of expressive communication that
      are being achieved by children and adults with Angelman? I have read
      somewhere that verbally, 4 words is about all that can be hoped for,
      but the parent of my student says that she has met people with
      Angelman who have achieved much more than that. I would like to
      verify that. I think that having higher expectations could only
      help, but don't want to be unrealistic either.

      Secondly, I am interested in how much success your children (or
      adult children) are meeting with other forms of communication such
      as PECS, sign language or gestures, speech-output devices, or some
      other method. Although I know each person is different, that might
      give us a clue as to what is more likely to be effective.

      This is not a dissertation or anything, just one assignment for one
      class, but if I do come up with anything interesting I will share it
      with the group.

      I hope you will consider my request to participate in the survey. If
      you are willing please reply or email me. beckybecky6@...

      And as a new group member I look forward to participating in
      discussions and learning from you as well, to the benefit of my own
      little Angel.

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