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209Mercury targets the pituitary gland decreasing ACTH levels

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  • Donna
    Nov 12, 2004
      Mercury, Cadmium and copper decrease the amount ACTH levels.


      ACTH can be given to children with seizures, It almost always stops
      the seizures.

      ACTH is a small protein hormone that causes the body to release
      cortisol, a type of steroid. It is related to several other small
      proteins that are active in the brain. Why it helps seizures is not

      The highest levels of mercury are usually found in the pituitary
      gland of
      the fetus which affects development of the endocrine, immune, and
      reproductive systems.

      > Basics of ACTH therapy
      > Christine O'Dell RN MSN
      > Clinical Nurse Specialist
      > Comprehensive Epilepsy Management Center
      > Montefiore Medical Center
      > Bronx, NY
      > Children with various types of childhood epilepsy that do not
      > respond to the usual seizure medicines may be candidates for
      > treatment with adrenocorticotropic hormone or ACTH. ACTH is a
      > line treatment for infantile spasms, but it is also used in Lennox-
      > Gastaut syndrome, Landau-Kleffner syndrome, and electrical status
      > epilepticus in sleep. Improvement in seizure control can be seen
      > even in the most difficult-to-control epilepsy after treatment
      > ACTH. The child's developmental status also may improve.
      > ACTH is a peptide hormone produced in the anterior pituitary
      > It is unclear just how ACTH works to stop seizures. It may work
      > directly on the brain in addition to stimulating the adrenal
      > There is some controversy about whether to use low-dose or high-
      > ACTH when treating childhood seizures. No definitive study has yet
      > established one dose as superior.
      > When used in the gel form (which is given by injection), it is
      > acting, so it can be given once or twice a day. Parents are taught
      > how to give the injection so that the child can continue to live
      > home while receiving treatment. Injections are usually given daily
      > for about 6 weeks.

      For those of you who dont know, My son is profoundly mercury
      poisoned. He is 18 years old and has the mental age of a 6 month
      old infant. He has severe seizures that stopped during ACTH
      treatments, once the treatments stopped his seizures came back.

      My sons baby hair was tested at a CAP approved lab...His 6 month old
      baby hair was 13.78mcg, This was for a 17lb infant. A healthy adults
      level is 1.58mcg.

      The limit for ingesting mercury is 0.1mcg, Women were injected with
      rhogam that contained up to 35mcg of mercury. Including me.

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