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207Appologies and such.

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  • adualda
    Aug 19, 2004
      Well, seeing as I havn't been around for very much and it appears my
      old email died out (since I havn't checked it in over 4
      months...ooops) I figured I would do an update since my father
      can't. I'm really very sorry that this place died out as much as it
      has. It was ment to be a help group for everyone and our single
      moderator has vanished into thin air as of late. There's really a
      long story about that but i'll try to see if maybe I can get his
      password from him and make a new moderator or two for the group. We
      have alot of members and i'm hoping to get this place up and going
      again. I don't really have alot of updates on William but he's
      walking now and doing well. (William is the little boy in the
      picture on the home page) If you all have a suggestion for a good
      moderator or such, just give me a call and I'll do my best. Here's

      Victoria (Donald's Daughter)
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