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1842Re: Aggressive impulsive behavior

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  • Kendra
    Jan 6, 2007
      I am the big sister of an Angel that is now 22 and I'll tell you
      that from what I saw growing up drugs are not the answer they
      ether don't do much for them or your Angel just isn't in there own
      head if you know what I mean. We had to treat hem like a three year
      old for some time but fienly he grow out of it.He still bites his
      hand when he is mad and smakes his leg or RUNNES around the house
      syning Angry but its better than what he used to do.
      I remmember when we were little. I didn't give hem one of my cookies
      the next day I went to school and whill our mother was taking a
      shower he climed the gate and went into my room and emptied every
      thing out of my dresser,night stand,Barbie house and three boxs of
      Barbie stuff, my trofies were in peases and so saw my closets! There
      was NO floor to be seen. As a big sister I can give you some stores!
      LOL(p.s.he is deff)
      I love my little brother with all my hart and always have! I don't
      know what I would do with out him he is like a child of my own in my
      It does get better!
      Now he likes to help in the kitchen cooking he is RILLY good at
      baked potatos and loves cooking shows(he isn't the neatest) but he
      loves that he made it and can eat it too!I hope this gives you some
      insite to your Angel and maybe some ideas to help bouth you and your
      Always love your Angel they may not show it but they love you more
      than word could say!
      --- In familiesofangelmansyndrome@yahoogroups.com, "carangel_93"
      <mccswanny_66@...> wrote:
      > Hi my name is Robin and I have a daughter that has a clinical
      > of Angelman. Carly is now 13 and is bigger than me. She grabs
      > faces, glasses, cloths or anything she can reach. She is so fast
      > don't even know that it's coming until she strikes and your
      > She also gooses people at every given opportunity!! This can be
      > embarrassing. Is there anyone out there that has had the same
      > and what did you do about it? I was thinking about some sort of a
      > traquilizer or something. I have tried risperadal but that was not
      > helping so I am leary about what to try to calm her down a notch.
      > ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks Robin
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