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1815Re: [Families of Angelman Syndrome] Aggressive impulsive behavior

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  • Jennifer Posey
    Jan 1 6:36 AM
      Hey Robin my son Christopher is 4 and is the same way. Usually I can get him in time to stop any impulsive behavior but its really hard. We were at Walmart the day before yesterday and I was doing my grocery shopping and I bent down to grab something and this lady with really long hair walked by and Christopher reached out and pulled her hair. I know that it hurt and I just apologized and she was really nice about it. We're changing his seizure medicine to see if that helps. He was on the Keppra and actually he still is until we do more blood work, but they added Depakote I'm hoping that when we stop the Keppra the behavior gets better. About the Risperdal my nephew which is ADHD takes that and it doesn't help him either and if it does its only very minimal. But if you find something that works please let me know so I can check into it myself. Hope your having a good New Year.

      Jennifer mom to Christopher 4 Del+

      carangel_93 <mccswanny_66@...> wrote:
      Hi my name is Robin and I have a daughter that has a clinical diagnosis
      of Angelman. Carly is now 13 and is bigger than me. She grabs peoples
      faces, glasses, cloths or anything she can reach. She is so fast you
      don't even know that it's coming until she strikes and your bleeding.
      She also gooses people at every given opportunity!! This can be very
      embarrassing. Is there anyone out there that has had the same behaviors
      and what did you do about it? I was thinking about some sort of a mild
      traquilizer or something. I have tried risperadal but that was not
      helping so I am leary about what to try to calm her down a notch. Any
      ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks Robin

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