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  • putzie33
    Apr 1, 2004
      Hi. My name is Cameron. I signed up for this group site awhile
      back. I never posted before. I have a step daughter who has
      angleman's. She is 11. I thought I would post to let all the
      people out there who have just been diagnosed what she CAN do. She
      has been riding a tricycle since she was about 5 (I think). She did
      better on the ones with the fat tires like off of a wheelbarrow.
      She is now riding an adult size tricycle. I was teaching her to
      swim last summer. She was doing good until she became afraid of
      being left in the pool without someone holding her. We think she
      went under the water when she was with her real mom. I will try
      again this summer. We have heard her say a couple of words: apple,
      house, and bubba (her uncle). We took her to see Barney in concert
      a week ago. She LOVED it. She kept standing up and claping. She
      also did some of the hand movements to a song she knew from school.
      Yes she also goes to a special class at a regular school. They are
      treated like every other kid at the school. They eat with the other
      kids and play with them also. No one treats them like they are
      not "normal kids". She does have seizures but they are controled
      with meds. When the school goes on walking field trips they pull
      her in a wagon just in case she has one. She goes to bed at 8 and
      sleep all night long. Don't give her a nap though. You will never
      get her to bed that night. She takes a med to help her from being
      so agressive to other people. She is a very good girl. Her whole
      family is happy that she came along.