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  • fronkfam
    May 6, 2006

      My name is Teri. I live in Utah. My six year old son Brayden, might
      have AS. We were told at 15 months that he probably had Autism. We
      were given a diagnosis of Autism at age 3 when he started attending a
      preschool for kids with Autism. He started having seizures at 3.5
      years old. At the time seizures started, we had some genetic testing
      done. The doctor didn't test for Angelman because Brayden didn't fit
      the symptom of having a small head. Now our neurologist is requesting
      he be tested.

      I don't know much about Angelman. Our lives have revolved around
      Autism for so long, but Brayden was always different from other kids
      with Autism.

      Any information you could share would really be appreciated.

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