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  • way2yz4u
    Jan 30, 2006
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      My name is Cathy and my daughter Jennifer is 3 1/2 yrs old. Although
      she hasn't been formally diagnosed with Angelman, the test results
      back in Sept '04 came back negative, she exhibits most all of the
      characteristics. I am in the process of obtaining the names of the
      tests that were administered to send via email to Sheila Wenger, of
      the Angelman Syndrome Foundation (at www.angelman.org). She believes
      Jennifer does have the syndrome from what I have told her.

      Anyhow, Jennifer is a very bright, happy, VERY energetic (I call her
      my little Energizer Bunny!!) child who loves music, Blue's Clue's, and
      playing on the computer! She is developmentally delayed, no firm
      diagnosis yet, and she is expressive speech delayed. She has GREAT
      receptive language but only knows a few words and does not use them
      much at all. She has recently started having Absence Seizures, which
      have shown up on a recent EEG. She attends a special needs preschool
      five days a week for 4 hrs each day. She loves going to school, from
      what I can gather as she doesn't speak. She is very friendly and not
      shy at all.

      Can anyone relate to the forementioned? And, is there hope for an
      expressive speech delayed child with Angelman Syndrome to ever speak??

      Thank you!

      Mom to Jennifer 3.7 DD, possible AS
      and Lauren, 11 'normal'
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